3 Common Data Pitfalls That Thwart IT’s Success — And How to Solve Them

Data is king — you’ve probably heard the phrase ad nauseam. Even if your IT organization acknowledges its significance, what matters is how your team puts that data to use. Often, IT gets so caught up in managing systems and resolving issues that utilizing data becomes a secondary priority.

Yet neglecting your data will hurt you in the long run — leaving your team in the dark when service issues occur. Here are three common data problems that IT organizations face, and how to solve them once and for all.

1. Data Quality

As an IT manager, you find yourself swimming in vast pools of data. With data-collecting applications pervading businesses, it’s become impossible to identify the most valuable information and filter out the noise.

2. Accuracy

If your team relies on week- or month-old data to review performance, you lack visibility of IT operations at that moment. Stale metrics leave you without the tools to identify issues as they’re occurring and prevent major service disruptions.

3. Accessibility

Collecting up-to-date data provides little value to your team when information is spread across siloed application repositories. For example, disconnected data caches can obstruct your team from discovering the root cause of a service problem — especially if the issue stems from an unexpected source.

Avoid data pitfalls like those outlined above with applications designed to supply your team with practical intelligence. Check out the infographic below for a visual overview of reporting and analytics tools.

analytics infographic

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