About Numerify

Numerify was founded with the vision of making analytics the status quo for all facets of the enterprise. We build solutions that align with the needs of the business. Our analytic applications encapsulate best practices, a unified data model, and a superior user experience. By employing data science algorithms and advanced deployment techniques, our customers are up and running within days. From Fortune 500s to top universities, organizations are uncovering insights, making data-driven decisions, and finding business value with Numerify.


We’re led by industry veterans with over 275 years of collective experience in analytics

  • Gaurav Rewari
    Gaurav Rewari Co-Founder and CEO
  • Srikant Gokulnatha
    Srikant Gokulnatha Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer
  • Sadanand Sahasrabudhe
    Sadanand Sahasrabudhe Co-Founder & Chief Architect
  • Vaneet Bhaskar
    Vaneet Bhaskar VP, North America Sales
  • Sunil Dixit
    Sunil Dixit VP, Marketing
  • Florian Schouten
    Florian Schouten VP, Customer Success
  • Kamala Parvathanathan
    Kamala Parvathanathan Country Head, India
  • Shekhar Rajvanshy
    Shekhar Rajvanshy VP, Engineering
  • Rahul Kapoor
    Rahul Kapoor VP, Research & Development
  • Ted Marks
    Ted Marks VP, Finance
  • Kenny Tucker
    Kenny Tucker Head of Commercial Initiatives

Board of Directors

  • Bipul Sinha
    Bipul Sinha Partner, Lightspeed Venture Partners
  • Gaurav Rewari
    Gaurav Rewari Co-Founder and CEO
  • Doug Leone
    Doug Leone Partner, Sequoia Capital
  • Tom Banahan
    Tom Banahan Managing Director, Tenaya Capital

Our Investors

We’ve got a pretty great team, too