Actionable Insights Lead to an Unfaltering Cycle

Welcome to my first post for the Numerifile. An ITIL-certified professional, I have been practicing in this domain as a consultant, architect, and then a delivery project manager for almost a decade across various industries, such as automotive, banking & finance, higher education, telecom, and IT consulting. Having spent most of my time working on projects to establish best practices in ITSM, I am “paying it forward” by sharing those experiences.

My work routinely involved understanding the customer environment, gap analysis, and benchmarking to drive improvements. But the most challenging part was maturity enhancement to drive improvements. By focusing on the holistic view, including the organizational culture, and not just tools and process, I helped my clients develop repeatable mechanisms for consistent monitoring and measurement.

One customer, a container terminal operating company, wanted to drive process improvement because of repeat escalations on SLA breach. Initially, I focused on processes and user training – but still the escalations didn’t decline. Action plans were developed and tracked through closure, but there was no substantial improvement. Measurement relied on data extracts and time-consuming manual reports – so it took a while to discover that it was the manual effort that was at fault. The root cause was incorrect severity definition in the SLA. The lack of integrated measurement caused CSAT problems and service desk staff attrition.

In IT, we spend a lot of time implementing ITSM processes, but rely on manual reporting to measure improvements. Analysis is rarely quick, accurate, or actionable, making ROI an afterthought. This was my motivation to embrace the power of actionable insights to drive process efficiency and demonstrate value and improvement.

I will talk more about the 4 main pillars of a successful IT Organization – the people, the process, the culture, and the insights driven by analytics. So if you are concerned with continuously improving your IT services and interested in how analytics can help, please revisit often and participate in thoughtful discussions!

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