Exciting Times at Numerify

Today’s Service Management tools are full of rich data, ripe for the picking, and ServiceNow is no exception. Since we launched our first release last April, we have worked with several great ServiceNow customers that have led us to exciting new use cases.

Today, our newest IT Service Analytics 2.0 release significantly expands the range of service management data we can analyze and the visualizations, and through which users can explore their data. Here are three of my favorites…

Ringing in the Changes

New metrics and dashboards let Change Managers get a detailed view of the all aspects of change, starting from success/failures, to reversed changes, to backlog. Now managers can see which customer groups are their major source of change requests, which fulfilment teams are having the most challenges with change failure, and which groups have the most backlog.

Location, Location, Location!

Importing external data enables new business insights. A retailer with multiple stores knows that having the right resource in the right place is critical to unimpeded business flow. Matching Store IDs with Latitude and Longitude generates interactive, map-based visuals so that managers can drill down to specific locations, just as you do with your GPS. Now a retailer can see ticket volume by store on a map, with color highlighting missed business opportunities.

map-based analytics

Going with the Flow

When a KPI or metric takes an unexpected turn, the first thing a seasoned manager asks is “Why?”. Normally this creates significant work for analysts to determine what was going on. But because of the power of an underlying data warehouse, flow analytics can analyze virtual snapshots that can retrace the steps that led to a specific metric change.

If a Service Desk manager notices that she is missing SLAs, she might ask “why now?” Our new reassignment dashboard can analyze how often offending tickets were reassigned, or if they were they assigned to a particular technician. Another slice through the data can analyze what % of the Service Target was taken by each step, generating insights that today’s managers can only dream of.

Take Control with Advanced Analytics

We have a lot more features in this release enabling deeper insights for IT managers. Let us know in the comments if you have new ideas on analyses.

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