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The tremendous shift to the cloud across all industries is undeniable. According to a recent study, SaaS adoption has grown fivefold since 2011. Leaders from Marketing, Sales, Finance, and IT all look to cloud solutions to provide them with more effective and efficient ways to run their business. Unsurprisingly, as these businesses migrate their operational systems to the cloud, they’ve likewise made gaining greater insights through analytics a top priority.

In both cases of cloud adoption in general and related analytics, there has been a a broad spectrum of adoption. In some areas of business, such as sales and marketing, this has played out much more quickly. Both operational marketing applications and marketing analytic solutions have matured and gained adoption rapidly. Meanwhile, other organizations such as IT are still on the cusp of transitioning their operational applications to the cloud and still rely on decades-old technology for reporting.

Additionally, as organizations explore ways they can start to measure the business impact of their cloud operations, they are discovering that cloud solutions offer much more than simple reporting. Just as cloud operational applications have enabled new processes that were not possible in the on-premise world, cloud analytic technology has proven to be more than a cost-efficient replacement for legacy reporting. Cloud analytics have the potential to move beyond managing cost-efficiency and provide new capabilities to transform how organizations measure their businesses and give them a distinct competitive advantage.

These two factors – the continuing transition of organization of the cloud and the rapid evolution of technology – present a rich and exciting landscape to explore. This blog will focus on all things analytics – how technology is changing the way businesses use numbers to improve processes, increase efficiency, and provide a means to drive innovation and transformation. We’ll share thought leadership from industry experts, real-world examples of how cloud analytics are impacting business, and different perspectives on the role analytics is playing in our world. We’d also like to hear your perspectives and engage in meaningful conversations about the topics that interest you, so as we embark on our journey, feel free to give us your feedback.

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