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Numerify Logos

The Numerify brand mark is available in 3 variations: a traditional horizontal orientation, an alternative
square version, and the independent hashtag. These include full-color usage as well as white
versions for single-color usage.

numerify logo
numerify logo white
numerify logo white
numerify logo black
numerify logo grey
numerify logo black
numerify logo grey
numerify logo black
numerify logo greyscale

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Numerify Colors

The Numerify palette includes primary and secondary colors. Numerify Grapefruit best represents
the Numerify brand, while accent colors provide additional depth to branded materials.

Numerify Typography

The Numerify brand pairs the simplicity of Open Sans with the friendly yet impactful characteristics of
Campton. This creates a smart and approachable combination that embodies the brand’s values. Opens Sans
is our go-to typeface, while we use Campton to inject subtle personality.

simplify it analytics

Numerify Analytics
help you move the business forward.

numerify logo grey


Icons quickly communicate menu items or categories. They also guide users to solutions, application features,
and settings. Numerify icons use a simple stroked style. We aim for subtle curvature to express
friendliness, but avoid extreme curvature as it can appear toyish.


Numerify imagery ties IT to business value. For consistency and sophistication, we use black and white
images. Numerify doesn’t use stock imagery of generic analogy images.

numerify customers
business analytics
numerify analytics customer

Numerify Brand Assets

Download our official logos, guides, icons, and imagery.

logo square

Numerify simplifies IT with hassle-free business analytics