Fortune 20 Healthcare Company Powers IT Service Improvements with Numerify

Top healthcare services provider turns to IT business analytics to

increase transparency and make data-driven decisions in real time









Driving Ambitious IT Process Changes

A leading provider of healthcare products and services has experienced rapid growth in recent years — resulting in complex processes and sparse visibility. IT leaders came to the conclusion that out-of-the-box reporting wasn’t meeting their analytical needs; each team was relying on different data and calculations to measure performance. In order to keep up with the company’s expansion, IT executives sought a trusted source of IT business insight to unlock siloed data sources and drive continuous service improvements.

“Before Numerify, we literally had hundreds of teams that were working with siloed data. Each team had to pull information from ServiceNow®, drop it in an Excel spreadsheet, and then do reporting just within their space.”


Quick Win: Improving Incident Categorization Yielded 50% Reduction

Their IT organization processes 500,000 incidents annually, yet team leaders discovered that inconsistencies across the board made incident data nearly impossible to interpret. They sought a method to increase visibility and identify where process gaps and inefficiencies existed. Concurrently, a top IT executive set an ambitious goal to reduce total incident volume by 50 percent.


  • Analytical insights from Numerify revealed that half of all incidents were password reset requests or general inquiries
  • The team implemented a new call module to funnel incidents and basic requests into two distinct categories
  • Improved categorization method reduced incident volume by 50 percent

“Our revised process parsed out the noise from incident analytics so that we were able to hone in on what the true incidents were — and reduce our incident volume by 50 percent in one fell swoop. Without the ability to dig into incident data, we would never have been able to follow the breadcrumbs down to the end goal.”


Delivering Operational Transparency

IT leaders sought to increase cross-team visibility for the company’s nearly 300 IT teams that are dispersed across dozens of countries. Division heads had little to no insight into team achievements, and no consistent metrics by which to measure performance. They worked with Numerify to develop an IT operational dashboard highlighting performance of all major ITIL processes, as well as call-outs to areas in need of immediate attention to preserve service levels.

  • 260+ IT teams have one place to quickly browse performance metrics
  • Consistent metrics led to significant reduction in major incidents caused by change
  • Enables leaders to make data-driven decisions in real time
  • Eliminates wait for monthly or quarterly reports

“Having consistent metrics supported our other efforts to drive down major incidents, and we’ve seen a significant reduction in major incidents that were caused by change. With these tools, we now have the ability to make sure performance remains at the right level.”


Building a Data-Driven Culture

To continue driving accountability, IT leaders plan to adopt additional Numerify analytical applications across key areas such as cost planning, resource allocation, call center analytics, and help desk management. A secondary directive — to reduce incidents by an additional 50 percent — also has the ITSM director seeking new ways to leverage their IT data. Ultimately, the director seeks a culture in which all processes are backed by data: “Insights based on data ensure our strategy isn’t just from a gut feeling or an anecdote, but driven by where the biggest benefits will be for the organization.”

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