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Solving the Data Dilemma

PGi was spending 660 hours each year building reports to understand how their IT organization was performing. However, the company’s IT leaders realized they were only gaining surface-level insights from these reports. Although open to the possibility of building an internal analytics solution, executives realized such a project would divert valuable resources away from helping customers. With a goal of truly understanding IT performance, PGi turned to Numerify to help their IT organization make smarter business decisions and understand how to fix their biggest problems.

Unlocking Performance Insights

Paul Mitchell, PGi’s VP of IT Service Management, is a strong believer in metric-based performance management. As a result, Paul and his team established a process to track several key value metrics through monthly reporting. At the beginning of each month, the PGi team would spend 55 hours across 10 days pulling together a 60-slide deck of their most important value metrics.

With all of this data, Paul originally thought he was gaining visibility into his department. However, he eventually realized that the data was not insightful enough to drive actual changes. Even if his team had questions about why the data was the way it was, they had neither the time nor the means to drill into the metrics.

Ending the Reporting Nightmare

The team at PGi sought to address two central problems: they were spending too much time generating reports, and the reports did not yield insights into how they were operating. By partnering with Numerify, Paul and his team immediately gained back the 55 hours each month that was going to reporting. Now all of the value metrics his team cares about are instantly available and reflect what is happening at the moment, not what occurred 10 days ago.


Information is not knowledge. I had a lot of information, but no knowledge.

Paul Mitchell

VP of IT Service Management

Powering Team Synergy

Paul was previously unable to pinpoint the cause for variations in performance among agents and assignment groups. With Numerify, he can compare open tasks, incidents, and problems by individual and group.

Beyond that, he can see each open ticket by type, priority, and age. By identifying individuals that are either overloaded or underused, Paul and the assignment group managers can better balance the work and improve OLA compliance.


Having data is good, but having intelligence about your data is what will enable you to be great. IT analytics is the game-changer that moves you from a reactive to a proactive state.

Paul Mitchell

VP of IT Service Management

Bringing Clarity to Global Performance

After reviewing a dashboard of first call resolution by week across different regions, Paul noticed that something was consistently driving resolution rates down. Upon further investigation, Paul discovered that slower hardware delivery times in Europe were leading to repeated calls from customers. By identifying the root cause of the problem, he was able to take preemptive steps to improve first call resolution rate — and customer satisfaction.

Excelling with Numerify

By implementing Numerify IT Business Analytics, Paul was able to raise OLA compliance, improve customer service, and drive better business decisions. With 50,000 customers relying on the work that his team performs, it is imperative that they be proactive and use the best tools available to manage IT operations. Paul uses Numerify to more effectively improve IT service management processes and unlock the potential that was previously buried in spreadsheets. Paul and the IT team at PGi now have a more productive department and happier customers.

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