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REI’s IT Dilemma

Specialty outdoor retailer REI is a household name, with 140 stores in 33 states, and a growing community of 5.5 million active members. They are the nation’s largest specialty outdoor retailer as well as the largest consumer cooperative in the U.S. While growing at a tremendous scale, they’ve also been able able to maintain a brand known for outstanding customer service and commitment to the well-being of both the community and their employees, having been on the Fortune’s list of “100 Best Companies to Work for” every year since 1998. Needless to say, the Fortune 500 Company cares for their customers and employees, and this ethos extends throughout the organization.


REI knew that improving visibility into their IT service management processes throughout their retail stores and across IT projects was ultimately about better serving their customers, and improving operational efficiency.

Objective: Mastering Retail IT

The REI IT service team had deployed ServiceNow® and other systems such as Avaya® to drive service delivery and automation. While these systems generated a lot of data, most of the data was hard to get to and difficult to analyze. As a result, they were spending hundreds of hours annually generating reports only to get limited visibility. And, even though REI had a lot of in-house BI/Analytics expertise, they realized that building a stand-alone BI infrastructure to support analyses centered around ServiceNow data would have been a complex and expensive project to undertake.


The IT team wanted a better alternative that gave them greater insight into IT operations. REI also wanted an application with the flexibility to adapt to their specific retail business needs, such as the 4,4,5 week calendar rollups and a geographical visualization of their 140 stores across 33 states. They needed an analytic solution that gave them a 360° view of their processes that spanned data across IT service, call center, projects and financials.

“Numerify analytics generate precise insights that provide business visibility and enable smarter decisions”

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Samantha Reed

IT Manager, Service Desk and Service Management


Identifying Stores That Need Help

REI turned to Numerify’s IT Service and Project Analytics Applications to provide reporting and business intelligence across all of their major IT service management processes and projects. They went into full production in August 2015 with integrated data from key applications – ServiceNow, SAP Financials, and Avaya Call Center. Numerify was deployed across both the core service management teams (incident, change, and others) to provide reporting for management as well as ad hoc analysis for power users. By visually mapping incidents and requests across stores throughout the country, REI IT was able to identify stores that needed urgent IT support in the upcoming holiday season. This bird’s eye view of IT service demand across stores helps them make decisions that increase service delivery performance.

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The Bird’s-Eye View

Store managers and IT leaders get the same perspective of business needs. Now, field resources are assigned proactively. Resulting in increased revenue attainment.

Sharpening IT Projects

Additionally, REI IT PMO uses Numerify to track and report on all IT time worked for over 1,000 resources, with utilization and cost information made accessible to all these resources and their management chain. The integration of SAP financial data provides REI project-level progress dashboards, including spend by project phase, separating cost for internal resources from onshore and offshore outsourced providers, and highlighted cost overruns.


After implementing Numerify, REI saw a number of benefits:

  • 500+ reporting hours saved by automating weekly, monthly, and year end status reports.
  • Provided a single view of service desk productivity by combining key incident and request metrics from ServiceNow with call center metrics from Avaya.
  • Eliminated manual processing and consolidation of IT project financial information from SAP and ServiceNow into a single, online IT project data hub.
  • Automated delivery of alerts and reminders to team leads to highlight process compliance issues related to time card submission and approval.
  • Improved annual IT planning by providing in-depth analysis of time spent by teams on support vs project activities.
  • Enabled validation of incoming invoices from outsourced providers by analyzing time card roll ups at both the calendar month as well as REI-specific fiscal periods.

Numerify Gives REI Store-Level Visibility

By implementing Numerify analytics applications, REI’s IT team provided visibility at the regional, and individual store level of key IT support issues that cover their increasing number of stores across the U.S. This includes granular analysis of the key in-store technologies to understand whether issues are store-specific or system-wide. Overall, REI was able to get most out of their operational systems, provide visibility across multiple IT processes, and improve Service Desk performance.

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