Bring a CFO’s rigor to your evaluation of your investments, whether they are in skilled employees, hard and soft assets, vendors, or projects. Numerify360 for IT combined with ServiceNow helps you with financial reports, metrics and measurement, and to analyze, allocate, and optimize all your investments across the organization. That’s what financial management is all about.

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Agent Productivity

Help desk agents are the first line of service. Given the distributed nature of a global workforce, it is important to understand how various teams perform and what drives increased productivity and employee satisfaction.

Key analysis

Which service catalog items are being used the most within each category and what is the average fulfillment time for these items?
How long does it take a new employee in the company to achieve 80% of the average steady state productivity of all employees?


IT is an integral part of the Sarbanes Oxley and other compliance standards. Whether it is auditing of the security policies or checks of employee terminations, it is important to self-audit, report, and analyze the adherence to standardized processes.

Key analysis

For employees that were terminated in the last week, have all access revoke requests been completed and what is the average number of hours for these tasks to be done?

How many incidents are related to error codes associated with malware detection and which department are at most risk?

Cost Of Service Reduction

Cost of service is a significant part of the total cost of ownership of IT assets and it varies across categories, business services and departments. Calculating this cost is an important step towards identifying and replacing applications/business services that may have depreciated and have marginal utility in the organization.

Key analysis

What is the cost per incident based on the number of engineers involved in resolution (resolved onsite or remotely), SLA breach penalty, rework done and so on for different categories of incidents?

How has the total cost for each tier of service desk trended over time and which location has had the largest increase in the last year?

Asset Demand & Acquisition

The new IT landscape is varied and consists of consumables, servers/hardware assets, software licenses, user assigned assets, cloud services and telecom assets. Measuring where the demand is coming from and how it is getting fulfilled across multiple vendors can help put a lid on costs while ensuring standardization.

Key analysis

Given the replacement cycle of various end-user assets and number of new employees expected on-board, what is the total projected cost of assets for the next 2 quarters?
Who are the most preferred vendors for future asset acquisition plans based on the most requested for assets, their manufacturer and the asset performance history for the last 1 year?

Asset Maintenance & Utility

Not all assets are created equal. Some last a long time while having very few issues, while others constantly require changes, problem resolution or new patches. When it comes to replacing assets, this information is critical for negotiation of new contracts as well as replacing manufacturers.

Key analysis

How many incidents have occurred in last 1 year for the business critical assets and what has been their average Vendor Response time, MTBF, # of incidents per Manufacturer by location?
Show me the list of pending installation/upgrade requests which are not fulfilled or are pending for more than 30 days for various reasons such as – excessive usage, license not available, part not available in stock, vendor not responding.

Asset Financial Management

IT spending can be as high as 7% of the revenues of many companies, which translates into millions of dollars. CFOs and CIOs alike have to manage this spend wisely and maintain visibility and accountability through charge-backs and show-backs.

Key analysis

What are the Year-to-date and Quarter-to-date costs split by operational services/software/consumables & cloud services and how do they compare to budget?

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