Numerify Concludes Fiscal Year with Rapid Business Growth and New Product Innovations

IT leaders at top companies use Numerify to transform their service experience

March 14, 2017

San Jose, Calif., March 14, 2017 — Numerify, a cloud analytics solutions company focused on business analytics for IT leaders, today announced the conclusion of a strong fiscal year that included substantial customer additions and new product introductions. A pioneer of the IT Business Analytics (ITBA) market, Numerify leads the new segment with an expanded version of its flagship analytics suite. The application collects and mines data across IT services, assets, projects, contact center, human resources, and finance to give IT organizations visibility and forward-looking insights into their enterprise service operations.

In the last year, Numerify has seen its subscription bookings nearly double and its solution ACV triple, driven by several multi-year, multi-application transactions. The company’s blue chip customer base includes a top 5 organization in the Media, Pharmaceutical, Fast Food, U.S. Public University, Pharmaceutical Distribution, Durable Goods, BioTech, Managed Healthcare, Entertainment, and Insurance industries. The average revenue of Numerify’s new customers in 2016 was $36 billion, reflecting the fast-growing adoption of IT Business Analytics among today’s most demanding IT organizations.

“Numerify has become a trusted source of business analytics for Data Driven IT™ organizations at a moment when it’s absolutely critical for IT to deliver tangible value to the business,” said Gaurav Rewari, Co-Founder and CEO of Numerify. “Numerify’s applications rapidly deliver analytical insights across all facets of modern-day IT to provide CIOs and VPs of IT Operations with a data-driven way to strike the optimal balance between innovation, cost, and customer satisfaction.”

Numerify’s customers continue to use the applications in new ways to drive increasing value across the business-technology chain. A global restaurant brand uses Numerify to improve service provider governance by analyzing the SLAs and customer satisfaction of their outsourced application and infrastructure services. A large retailer uses the Numerify solution to optimize their allocation of field services across locations by more effectively tracking IT tickets, infrastructure, and layout issues. A leading bank has deployed Numerify to increase visibility of their business application and infrastructure health as well as understand the quantifiable implications of outages using service management and financial data.

Numerify expanded its product suite in the past year to include several new business analytics subject areas. The Numerify analytics suite now incorporates IT analytics–specific machine learning, predictive analytics, and text analytics across relevant structured and unstructured big data sources. This functionality enables customers to gain targeted business insights, easily detect anomalies, and predict undesirable events before they affect their IT service environments.

To learn more, connect with Numerify at one of the company’s upcoming events: CIOsynergy Seattle; CDM’s CIO Southern California Summit in Los Angeles; CIO Perspectives New York; ServiceNow® Knowledge17 conference in Orlando, Florida; and 2017 Gartner IT Operations Strategies & Solutions Summit in Orlando, Florida.

About Numerify
Numerify provides IT leaders with a comprehensive system of intelligence for end-to-end visibility into their Plan-Build-Run activities. The suite of analytical applications span project planning, software development, and service and asset management. The company’s cloud-based platform includes full data orchestration, IT-specific business models, and a complete spectrum of analytical capabilities. Numerify provides IT business analytics applications to leading organizations, including companies ranked in the top 5 across 10 major industries. For more information, visit or follow @numerify.

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