Numerify Expands Partnership with ServiceNow® to Offer a Complete IT Business Analytics Suite Solution

Numerify will integrate with ServiceNow across IT service, project, asset, and finance management

October 13, 2016

San Jose, Calif., October 13, 2016 — Numerify, a cloud-based analytics solutions company focused on business insights for IT leaders, today announced an expanded sales partnership in addition to their technology partnership with ServiceNow to embrace and extend ServiceNow’s Performance Analytics to deliver best-in-class analytics applications for IT organizations.

The integrated solution of ServiceNow Performance Analytics and the Numerify platform provides customers with a broad range of analytics use cases — each built for a specific purpose. Business users move beyond the role of report consumers, with access to an integrated experience that seamlessly takes them from ServiceNow applications to analytical dashboards and visual analyses.

“Numerify is an established thought leader in the IT analytics domain, with an exclusive focus on analytics that makes them a strong partner for our fast-growing Performance Analytics application,” said Karel van der Poel, VP and GM of ServiceNow’s Performance Analytics Business Unit. “This partnership brings together two complementary products and skillsets to deliver a more valuable analytics solution for ServiceNow customers.”

Unique in the cloud analytics arena, this new combined-solution approach enables ServiceNow customers to drill into their data to answer a wider than ever range of “what” and “why” questions. With this integration, ServiceNow customers can experience a unified interface for self-service reporting, visual discovery, ad hoc and predictive analytics, and historical and real-time insights for ServiceNow and related IT operations and business systems such as HR, financials, and call center.

“As ServiceNow becomes the de facto system of engagement for getting work done across the enterprise, we strive to encourage partners to create value-add solutions that benefit all of our customers,” said Eric Muller, head of ServiceNow’s Performance Analytics product management team. “I am delighted to see Numerify embrace the ServiceNow analytics platform as part of an expanded partnership to provide targeted analytic applications for some of our largest, most complex, and data-intensive customers.”

Numerify’s pre-built analytics solutions accelerate time to value and allow customers to derive full value from their ServiceNow investments. And because these solutions are designed to leverage and extend ServiceNow’s powerful Performance Analytics data collection functionality, customers avoid having to undertake expensive data migration and integration projects. Numerify has received recognition from SIIA, Red Herring, MIT, Pink Elephant, and other prestigious associations for its innovative approach to business analytics. The company’s fast-growing Fortune 2000 customer base includes a top 10 company in the Retail, Travel & Hospitality, Healthcare, Food & Beverage, Media and Pharmaceutical industries.

“With their ability to deliver precise and actionable insights across IT operations, Numerify’s analytics solutions have become an essential component of digital transformation and process improvement initiatives at some of the largest companies in the world,” said Gaurav Rewari, Co-Founder and CEO of Numerify. “With this partnership, Numerify is excited to leverage the complementary strengths of ServiceNow Performance Analytics to deliver an end-to-end IT business analytics solution that is unmatched in the industry.”

Numerify will preview the integration of the Numerify platform and ServiceNow Performance Analytics at the upcoming NOWForums in New York, Dallas, and London. In addition to sponsoring these events, Numerify will showcase the new unified interface as well as the company’s own customer use cases.

Numerify and the Numerify logo are registered trademarks of Numerify, Inc. All other brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

About Numerify
Numerify provides IT leaders with a comprehensive system of intelligence for end-to-end visibility into their Plan-Build-Run activities. The suite of analytical applications span project planning, software development, and service and asset management. The company’s cloud-based platform includes full data orchestration, IT-specific business models, and a complete spectrum of analytical capabilities. Numerify provides IT business analytics applications to leading organizations, including companies ranked in the top 5 across 10 major industries. For more information, visit or follow @numerify.

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