Don’t Worry. We’ve taken care of everything.

Numerify, along with your ServiceNow data, delivers all the technology foundations of an enterprise analytical system as a pre-packaged, turn-key solution.

 Numerify360 Platform 


Modern cloud-based systems support a wide variety of integration methods, such as JSON, REST, SOAP or ODBC, each with its own processing rules and limits. We take the complexity out of data integration by providing pre-built connectors to known systems, and by publishing standardized interfaces into Numerify cloud for custom sources. There is no need to purchase a separate ETL tool. Our extraction logic is optimized, versioned, and adapted to each source’s capabilities, allowing us to maintain the most efficient, reliable, and secure connections. Additionally, we minimize data transfers by extracting only the information that has changed since the last extract. New columns or entities in the source application are identified and mapped through to the Numerify application at your discretion.


From pixel perfect printed reports to interactive dashboards, from native mobile applications to automated alerts in your Inbox. There are many styles of information consumption. Numerify’s platform is the most comprehensive in the industry, allowing you to provide each information consumer with the right business view for their role. Additionally, there is complete control over layout, formatting, and style, letting you define that familiar or exciting user experience which will appeal to your consumers.


The power of business intelligence lies in the users’ ability to quickly get answers to new questions. Numerify ensures that the information stored in the factory is organized logically and is searchable so users are able to easily identify the relevant fields for their analysis needs. Key entities are organized into logical hierarchies to support roll-ups or drill-downs. Role-based security is enforced. Additionally, Numerify provides in-memory data cubes that support instantaneous data retrieval for highly interactive exploration of data.


The data warehouse serves as the single source of truth for the key KPIs your organization cares about – eliminating Excel sprawl and introducing efficient communications about the right numbers every time. To ensure the system provides the fastest and most flexible analysis and reporting capabilities, Numerify persists your transformed data in a highly performant and scalable columnar data warehouse. Smart use of summary tables and data snapshots means your users do not experience lags in information retrieval when your data volumes increase.


Extracting data from source systems is only the beginning. While BI tools vendors rely on their customers to do the heavy lifting of defining key metrics and data aggregations from scratch, Numerify provides a complete set of pre-built mappings that turn data into usable information. Data from multiple tables or sources is integrated, cleansed and transformed into meaningful entities for reporting. In addition, Numerify versions the information to allow for rich historical views and snapshots.