Business Analytics for IT

Operational applications like Servicenow and BMC produce rich data that reflects your business processes. Embedded operational reports address the “here and now” questions such as “how many incidents are currently open?”. But, Managers need to know the “why” behind the “what”. This means they need to understand why one team is performing better than another, or why the backlog has increased in the last 3 days for example. To get those answers they need to slice and dice the data in multiple dimensions by any metric and without having to wait for a lengthy technical setup. Numerify mines the rich data in your operational platforms and converts it into actionable insights using analytics. It delivers service intelligence in ways that are easy to understand, provides managers with the information to eliminate process bottlenecks, maximize team performance and lower costs.

Precise Insights, Delivered Rapidly!

We have created a complete analytic application to answer your toughest business questions. As a result, our customers have saved hundreds of hours on reporting, have been able to identify blind spots in their support organization and drove higher compliance for their processes like Time Card Entry and SOX related activities. If you have a question that our applications haven’t answered yet, our ad-hoc data exploration tool allows access to a rich library of over 100 business relevant metrics will allow you to explore even more.

All of Your Data

Numerify has done the hard work of figuring out how to extract data from your systems and store it in a way that is ideal for high performance analytics. Every entity & field is made available in our pre-built analytic application, which is deployed in handful of weeks. In addition, you can bring in any adjacent data sources and combine them with your IT data to drive cross-process insights into your business. As a result, you’ll be able to conduct multiple insightful analyses, such as:

  • Identify top ways to drive service desk productivity
  • Provide automated visibility to IT leaders as well as business service owners
  • Measure service satisfaction across your call center and service desk
  • Avoid revenue loss by ensuring seamless support for your most critical customer facing devices, such as store based POS machines

In the Right Places for The Right Insights

Having all of your data in one place is critical to dive to the root cause of any issues in your organization. But this data has to be consumable easily for users to gain insights. Numerify’s pre-built dashboards are curated to bring all your data in one place and designed for easy interaction. For example, If Sales is complaining you are not responsive to their needs you’ll be able to use our SLA dashboard to quickly find what is driving their concerns. You can relate it to the cause such as unfulfilled request due to understaffing during peak hours and then measure the effectiveness of any corrective action you take using the resolution trend analyses. Since these interactive dashboards are pre-built, you can do this all in a fraction of the time it would have taken you to gather the data and create your own report. Moreover, and to ensure that Sales is never disappointed again you can leverage our thresholding based alerts.

Answers at the Speed of Business

Managing a multi-faceted IT department has never been easy and the push towards digitization of all lines of business has made it even more important to get right. Our patented data integration and warehousing technologies put your data into an easy to use visual interface that allows you to go deep into the data to answer new business questions on the fly. Questions that require large amounts of data exploration or sophisticated mathematics can be handled quickly with our high performance in-memory data cube; no more waiting on reports to compile. With our extensive metrics library which is pre-populated with your ServiceNow data and tailored to pressing business questions there is no need wade through the data to create your own. All this is easy to present back to the business with our wide variety of graphs, charts and even mapping data visualizations. Every business analyst & user alike can be exploring data and getting insights in seconds.