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Intelligence for the Data-Driven IT manager at your fingertips: Discover or Deliver. Slice or Dice. Pull or Push.
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Drill Into Expertly
Designed Dashboards

Provides you clues on the areas to investigate further.

Interactive so that you can quickly review and monitor your key metrics.

Highly designed dashboards that guide you through the story.

Visually Discover
New Insights

Rich visualization and powerful calculations enable analysts to create simple dashboards creation to pursue new analyses and investigate hypothesis.

Powered by a rich repository of metrics and attributes sourced from your ServiceNow tables, combined with a highly interactive and responsive tool.

Sharpen your analysis, impress your managers

Your IT data
on the go

Annotate and share to collaborate with your colleagues and teams.

Offline access with ability to drill and explore data.

Native application for tablets and phones so information is always at your finger tips.

Additional Features

Email Delivery

  • Wake up to a fresh set of business snapshots delivered in your inbox
  • Read and distribute to as many internal users as you want
  • Alerts based on schedule or key events and metric threshold breach

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Tableau® Integration

  • Directly connect Tableau to our cloud based servers to retrieve curated, integrated data
  • Focus on building insightful analyses, executive and operational dashboards and leave the data integration, management and modeling to us

Analytics for all your IT business data sources:

  • ServiceNow®
  • Financials
  • HR data
  • Spreadsheet data sources
  • Call Center

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