Solution Benefits

Numerify360 for IT was built from the ground up with a simple concept: Users are at the core of the solution. Our goal is to synthesize best practices across multiple organizations and combine it with our data expertise and design acumen to build role specific analytic applications.

Benefits by Role

IT Leaders

As an IT operations leader, you need complete visibility into SLAs, assignment groups, backlogs and efficiencies of various processes. You need all relevant information brought together and with exceptions clearly highlighted so that you can investigate root causes and take appropriate action. Whether it is tuning your incident queuing algorithm or putting together a deck for your CIO, we have you covered with a range of targeted analyses.

Service Managers

You want your program to be successful and to deliver tangible value to your stakeholders. You want to focus on delivering new innovations, patches and updates to your application as rapidly as possible. Numerify can help you easily identify your best and your worst practices in your current service and support processes. As you take steps to boost performance, you can benefit from a range of powerful trend reports that show how your team has been continually driving down the backlog, while increasing SLAs, resolution rates and end customer satisfaction.

Service Analytics for IT
IT Business Analysts

You want to create analyses, reports and dashboards without waiting for multiple data sets to be integrated. With Numerify’s visual discovery capabilities, you can intuitively navigate a curated data model and access hundreds of metrics and analysis fields – without having to wait for any data dumps. With a few clicks, you can go from a blank canvas to a compelling dashboard with insightful visualizations.

Benefits in action

  • For a higher education institution like USF with nearly 11,000 students across multiple campuses, ensuring our IT service levels and asset management practices keep up with the growing student population and increasing use of digital technologies in the classroom is an ongoing challenge. By leveraging Numerify, we can quickly identify trends and outliers in our response and resolution rates, as well as perform continuous backlog review to optimize allocation of our scarce IT resources

    Jim Uomini
    Jim Uomini Service Level Manager, University of San Francisco

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