Operational Excellence

Pinpoint the root cause of your outages and prevent future disruptions

Process Efficiencies

Discover the hidden factors slowing down your critical processes

Service Accountability

Delight customers by driving accountability

Address Communication and Visibility Challenges

Inconsistent SLA achievement, high support costs, and low CSAT scores can create substantial challenges. Prevent consequences such as escalating costs, a poor service experience, and business users frustrated with IT performance.

IT service accountability

Reduce Incident Resolution Times with Service Providers

Analyze ticket workflows and identify process inefficiencies to increase satisfaction levels among business users.
Track key metrics to understand and minimize the impact of incidents on your customers.

vendor resolution SLAs
incident volume by category
TAT monthly trend
staff workloads by employee

Align Your Resources to Meet Service Needs

Once you know where activity originates, quickly assess and rebalance task
assignments to match demand. Understand supply and demand trends with open workload and backlog analyses, then adjust tasks across teams, tiers, and locations.

Cardinal Health uses Numerify to analyze
service catalog incidents and discover which requests
employees have trouble finding.

Capture Authentic Metrics on Vendor Performance

Use your data to create the dialogue needed to hold your vendors accountable. Visualize service provider health, identify improper ticket handling, and quantify the financial impact on your total cost of service and SLAs.

ticket reassignment count trends

Uncover New Process Improvement Opportunities

Audit-trail analyses help you quickly identify process bottlenecks and track reassigned tasks by quantity and wait time.
Easily identify and rank problematic reassignments between any origin and destination to streamline your processes.

track incident reassignments