Total Open Work

Visually explore your Service Desk’s workload to identify performance issues and workload imbalances.

What you can expect


reporting hours saved

True Visibility

into Service Desk Performance


SLA Compliance

Continuous Insights

Old style reports are just a point in time snapshot of what the Service Desk is working on right now. With the Total Open Work dashboard you are not only able to see what your Service Desk is doing today, but you are also able to compare that to their past performance to fully understand your Service Desk efficiency.

Operational Visibility

To gain a true understanding of your Service Desk workload, it takes you significant time joining tables and extracting data. All that report creation work is automated and on demand with the Numerify application, saving you and your analysts hundreds of reporting hours which lets you get to the job of running an effective IT organization.

Improve Service Desk Effectiveness

A common issue many business have is the inability to drill down into their data to see why certain assignment groups and agents are performing better than others. By visually combining your Service Now task tables, you can view each individual agent and their open request tasks, incidents, and problems. Beyond that, you can see each open ticket, by type, priority, and age. By identifying key individuals that are either overloaded or underused, you and your assignment group managers can better balance the work and improve SLA compliance.


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