Kristin Crosier

it complexity
Navigating IT Complexity: How to Move Your Organization in the Right Direction

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of IT? If you surveyed a group of IT professionals, the answers would likely be diverse: technology, processes, services,...

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Why Business Analytics for IT Are Your Team’s Path to Success

A customer of ours recently launched a company-wide initiative to realign processes with a clearer focus on end users. Why? They realized departments had gotten so caught up in optimizing...

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evaluate vendor performance
Here’s How IT Leaders Are Solving Their Top 3 Vendor Accountability Challenges

Has vendor accountability morphed into a beast your IT organization can’t seem to tame? If so, don’t worry; you’re not alone in your fight. We regularly encounter IT departments that...

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business collaboration
Why Are Top IT Organizations Failing at Communication and Visibility?

When we talk with leaders at top IT organizations, we hear the same pain points over and over again: no communication, and a lack of visibility. IT executives think they’re...

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future of customer service
3 New Technologies that are Making Waves in the Service Industry

Recently I had a rather lousy customer service experience: I had to call a major company’s support department seven times over 72 hours, a number of which were due to...

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IT service desk metrics and service desk health
4 Surprising Stats About Service Desk Health

We’re nearly a month into 2017, and with any luck your new year’s fitness resolutions are still going strong. (Or maybe not; I won’t judge!) But the next time you...

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state of data security
The State of Data Security in 2017: Is Anyone’s Information Safe?

The moment is here: the swearing in of a new POTUS is, well, nigh. America is about to usher in a new administration at a moment when digital security vulnerabilities...

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new year data predictions
3 Data Analytics Predictions for the IT Industry in 2017

The time has come: we’ve eagerly counted backwards from ten to one, clinked champagne glasses to usher in January 1st, and placed all of our hopes and dreams on the...

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Numerify's year in review
Numerify’s 2016 Year in Review: 3 Lessons We Learned

Hello and happy holidays! ‘Tis the season for merriness and festivities, and Numerify has a great many things for which to be thankful. Before the clock strikes midnight to mark...

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Retail IT
Retail’s Unsung Hero During Peak Periods

With peak season in full swing, retailers are facing long lines of frantic shoppers, websites overloaded with orders, and discounted merchandise selling out in days (or hours). Though these scenes...

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