Sruthi Kumar

Driving IT business alignment
Driving IT Business Alignment: How CIOs Claim the Spotlight

CIOs are not in the dark when it comes to knowing that their organization should be aligned with the rest of the business. They understand that their strategies, organizational capabilities,...

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State of IT: IT’s Role in Business Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

When we take a look back at the IT industry in the 90s, we remember it as the Godfather of all IT apps, mainframes, and data centers. The bigger the...

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analytics are a must-have
Why IT Organizations Are Wrong to Think of Analytics As a Nice-to-Have

It’s that special time of year here at Numerify, with ServiceNow’s User Conference, Knowledge17, just around the corner. Our team will be packing up and traveling to Orlando next week...

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numerify orange shoes
What I Heard at Pink17: Which Comes First, Data or Analytics?

I just returned from Pink17 in Vegas, which was yet another hectic but successful event for the Numerify team. The turnout included some big exhibitors: Atlassian was there with their...

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how tech is changing IT
How Technology Is Changing the IT Workforce

As I sat down to write this blog post, I had an ironic experience. Our office WiFi stopped working, and I eventually headed home after a few unsuccessful attempts at...

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