Numerify IT Contact Analytics: The Inside Story

Yesterday, we launched the Early Access Program (EAP) for our IT Contact Analytics solution, a solution that was not requested but demanded by our large enterprise customers. Our ITCA product has such an interesting backstory that I wanted to use this space to share the journey of how we got here.

Many of our customers had expressed frustrations around measuring contact center performance, saying they lacked a unified view of metrics pertaining to their service desk agents. After encountering this feedback on multiple occasions, we decided to develop a solution. The end result is our ITCA product, which enables IT leaders to incorporate contact center performance into a unified view of their IT service operations.

Here are four key insights about our customers and the contact center industry that I gained while undertaking this project:

1. Building Contact Analytics Is Hard

We are not the first to encounter this problem: I attended contact center training conferences, and it’s clear that leaders in this industry have a hard time communicating their impact to business executives – it is the first topic included in ICMI’s introductory course. Executives often have a lot of numbers and reports, but few insights into what is really driving performance.

Our friends at Strategic Contact helped me understand that part of the problem stems from custom reporting solutions. These custom setups often lead to inconsistent metrics, exacerbated by a lack of analytics talent in-house, that hamper usage of analytics. Our IT customers told us many similar stories of outdated homegrown systems being used for service desk reporting.

2. Our Customers Passionately Sought a Solution to Their Problem

While the contact analytics problem is broad, at Numerify we are focused on a solution specifically for our IT customers. We heard from many clients about the value of connecting our IT service analytics to their ACD systems (including Avaya, Cisco, and Genesys, among others). These customers all wanted a way to link their contact center metrics with their ITSM processes, most of which can be tracked within ServiceNow® — and this was the missing piece.

Helpdesk actual call volume

3. Leaders Want to Improve Transparency and Enable Superior Agent Performance

Communicating business impact, employee retention, and vendor management are all big issues for most contact center leaders. We are continuing to work with our EAP customers to solve these problems by combining multiple systems (ACDs, workforce management solutions like Verint, and ServiceNow) to provide a unified view of their key metrics. This level of transparency allows for:

  • Greater visibility into business impact
  • Superior clarity of agent performance and reviews
  • Improved vendor monitoring and performance management

4. Our Platform Makes It Easy

From customer input, I discovered how important connectivity is to organizations that are considering a new contact analytics product. Our flexible, cloud-based platform makes it easy for customers to connect to their on-premise systems as well as other cloud applications. Users can combine data from all of their critical business systems for a comprehensive view of their service operations.

Consistent use cases allow us to scale quickly and continue adding more systems as our customers request it. These capabilities, and our commitment to incorporating updates based on customer demands, demonstrate the power of the Numerify platform.

service agent metrics

I am incredibly proud of our entire team’s effort to prepare for the launch of our EAP, but I am even more excited about our potential to solve big problems for our customers. We cannot wait to complete the EAP for contact analytics and launch ITCA for general availability with even more valuable features for our customers. We continue to hear consistent interest in ITCA from all of our ITSA customers and prospects, and we look forward to partnering with more businesses as we work to deliver solutions that address more of their analytics challenges.

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