Pilgrimage to Insight

This Sunday, Numerify heads to Vegas for our third year sponsoring the Pink Elephant IT Service Management conference. Browsing the Pink website, one discovers an agenda filled with a daunting array of frameworks and business processes – ITIL®, ISO, Lean IT, Six Sigma, PRINCE2®, PMBOK®, COBIT®, Organizational Change Management, and Business Relationship Management. It’s a virtual pantheon of philosophies, all promising to make one a more effective IT professional.

Before last week, I was skeptical about the likelihood that the average manager would be able to master many of these methodologies, let alone apply them to any real effect. After all, if it’s all about the customer experience, then do you really need a dozen overwrought methodologies to teach you how to deliver on that? In fact, don’t these processes simply over-complicate and hinder the effort to better engage and delight one’s clients? Isn’t that why IT organizations buy solutions like Numerify that do it all for them?

Last week, I became a believer – not in the over-engineering of processes, but in the need to apply a well-defined methodology to better design IT processes. My conversion was led by Troy DuMoulin, VP of Research and Development at Pink Elephant. In his joint webinar with Numerify, Troy pointed out that while we all agree that a superior customer experience is the ultimate goal, the path to that lofty achievement can be circuitous and fraught with danger. (For instance, at one point, he lays out the “7 Deadly Measurement Sins.” I’ve included them below.)

seven deadly measurement sins

At times, Troy provides detailed workflows to build an analytics strategy, and at others times dispenses reminders to think holistically about the many interdependent resources and stakeholders involved. Even when there is a seemingly clear path to satisfying one requirement, such as meeting internal control needs, it may inadvertently impact another, like innovation.

What became clear throughout is that there is a huge gap between collecting data and delivering great service. The data has to have context, be relevant to your audience, and must be actionable. While there are many solutions that can help provide a few shortcuts to salvation, ultimately IT professionals will have to forge the path that makes sense for their respective business.

So next week, I’ll be making the journey to Pink with a renewed faith in the power of process. In the meantime, you can get started on your data-driven journey to a better service experience by checking out Troy’s webinar:

Watch > From Data to ITSM Metrics that Matter

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