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machine learning
Posted by Joe Foley | 22 February 2018
Mastering Change with Machine Learning

Change success is a critical concern for IT leaders, because both the frequency of changes and the consequences of failed changes are greater than ever. As interactions with customers and...

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SDLC & STEM project innovation
Posted by Kari Clement | 24 January 2018
Focus on Communication and Collaboration Drives Innovation in the Classroom and the IT Workplace

Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to volunteer with local elementary teachers on several STEM projects involving current-day challenges in our community and around the globe. Early...

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business system of intelligence solution
Posted by Bret Bailine | 19 December 2017
Platform Analytics Are Dead — Long Live the System of Intelligence

The end of the year is nigh once again. What a blur the prior 11 months always seem when December rolls around. Very soon 2018 will be here. Twenty Eighteen...

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it complexity
Posted by Kristin Crosier | 19 October 2017
Navigating IT Complexity: How to Move Your Organization in the Right Direction

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of IT? If you surveyed a group of IT professionals, the answers would likely be diverse: technology, processes, services,...

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Posted by Ryan O'Shea | 30 August 2017
Analytical Insights: The Key to Climbing the Data Pyramid

We work to maintain strong partnerships with our customers by performing Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs). We try to understand what we are doing right, where can we improve, and where...

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driving business alignment
Posted by Sruthi Kumar | 17 August 2017
Driving Business Alignment: How CIOs Move Out of the Dark and Into the Light

CIOs are not in the dark when it comes to knowing that their organization should be aligned with the rest of the business. They understand that their strategies, organizational capabilities,...

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Posted by Kristin Crosier | 02 August 2017
Why Business Analytics for IT Are Your Team’s Path to Success

A customer of ours recently launched a company-wide initiative to realign processes with a clearer focus on end users. Why? They realized departments had gotten so caught up in optimizing...

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Posted by Sruthi Kumar | 19 July 2017
State of IT: IT’s Role in Business Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

When we take a look back at the IT industry in the 90s, we remember it as the Godfather of all IT apps, mainframes, and data centers. The bigger the...

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demystifying service providers
Posted by admin | 21 June 2017
Demystifying Service Providers and Other Insight into Ensuring Service Accountability

Recently I was reflecting on our solution overview on service accountability and thinking about what it means to be a service provider. ServiceNow® users may have observed how the company...

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