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Posted by Ted Sapountzis | 11 April 2019
The Business Case for IT Analytics: The best-kept secret (no more)

Earlier today, we issued a press release announcing the results of a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) research study we had commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct on our behalf. The chart...

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Posted by Ben Sapp | 25 February 2019
My Journey to Numerify

Hello, my name is Ben Sapp and I want to share a bit about myself, my background in IT, and why I decided to come to work for Numerify. I...

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incident reduction best practices
Posted by Sindhu Mahishi and Jankiram Balakrishnan | 03 January 2019
Numerify’s Top 5 Best Practices For Incident Reduction

Are your employees bogged down by the sheer volume of tickets being logged every day? Isn't it frustrating to see the same kind of incidents being raised repeatedly? What if...

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cmdb, Configuration Management Database
Posted by Srikanth Gopalaswami | 13 December 2018
Let IT Initiatives be The Driver of CMDB Health Projects

IT Operations gurus and Service Delivery pundits have regularly predicted the demise of the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) over the last 15 years. They had rightful reasons to think so....

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IT visibility
Posted by Amit Shah | 11 December 2018
Attaining IT Agility Requires Better Visibility

Now more than ever, digital transformation is linked with the very survival of organizations. On average, companies that have undergone digital transformation are 26 percent more profitable than their competitors...

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bmc exchange new york
Posted by Caroline Gutierrez | 11 October 2018
Numerify Will Be at BMC NY

On October 18, Numerify will join BMC as a partner and proud sponsor of this year’s BMC Exchange in New York City. The conference is a chance to share knowledge...

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it service provider governance
Posted by Erik George | 02 October 2018
Using Analytics to Drive Win-Win Relationships with your IT Service Providers

IT's role in the enterprise is growing — as is its budget and a pressure to deliver new and more innovative services. At the same time, the supply base is...

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IT innovation
Posted by Patrick Cava | 21 August 2018
How Can Enterprises Better Prioritize IT Innovation?

More and more companies are searching for ways to digitally transform their business. The goal of digital transformation is to beat competitors and better serve customers. According to IT market...

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IT root cause analysis
Posted by Amit Shah | 26 July 2018
Why Root Cause Analysis is an IT Must-Have

Suppose you drive over a pothole and your bumper comes off. You decide to use duct tape to reattach it. However, each time you go over a pothole or speed...

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