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application modernization
Posted by Srikanth Gopalaswami | 03 July 2018
Application Health: Coalescing Around a Common Shared View Across Stakeholders

Getting various stakeholders in an enterprise to agree on whether an application is healthy and meeting business needs has often been an elusive task. In the commonly known parable of...

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Preventing IT outages with Smart IT
Posted by Patrick Cava | 14 June 2018
Smart IT: What We Can Learn From These 2018 IT Outages

The year's not yet half over but dozens of major companies (and possibly many more) have already experienced serious IT outages. Some, including those at TSB Bank, Woolworths, and NHS...

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system of record vs system of intelligence
Posted by Amit Shah | 30 May 2018
How Does a System of Record Fit Into a System of Intelligence?

CIOs are one of the main drivers of bringing the power of analytics to power digital transformation of the business. But like the cobbler’s children who had no shoes, the...

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it operations analytics
Posted by Amit Shah | 23 May 2018
How Does IT Operations Analytics Fit Into a System of Intelligence?

IT operations analytics, or ITOA, is sometimes confused with a System of Intelligence for IT since the benefits realized (like improved user experience) often sound similar. However, each can contribute...

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agile IT
Posted by admin | 26 April 2018
Infographic: IT’s Path to Agile Transformation

We all know there is a direct relationship between digital transformation and an organization's survival. To enable that transformation, IT leaders must be have full visibility across the entire IT...

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Analytics journey
Posted by Jim Henaghan | 25 April 2018
Cruising Through the Analytics Journey: Overcome Common Challenges

For many companies out there, the rapid evolution of modern-day analytics is a far cry from decades past.  Companies used to be considered ahead of the curve if you had...

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machine learning for proactive change
Posted by Joe Foley | 22 February 2018
Mastering Change with Machine Learning

Change success is a critical concern for IT leaders, because both the frequency of changes and the consequences of failed changes are greater than ever. As interactions with customers and...

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SDLC & STEM project innovation
Posted by Kari Clement | 24 January 2018
Communication and Collaboration Drives Innovation in the IT Workplace

Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to volunteer with local elementary teachers on several STEM projects involving current-day challenges in our community and around the globe. Early...

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business system of intelligence solution
Posted by Bret Bailine | 19 December 2017
Platform Analytics Are Dead — Long Live the System of Intelligence

The end of the year is nigh once again. What a blur the prior 11 months always seem when December rolls around. Very soon 2018 will be here. Twenty Eighteen...

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