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Posted by Amit Shah | 13 August 2019
IT Business Analytics – Build or Buy?

Whether the decisions IT leaders make concern revenue, costs, team productivity, devops, future risk, or just day-to-day service management, having data at their fingertips is key to optimizing those choices....

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Agile vs ITIL: Getting the Best of Both - Numerify
Posted by Amit Shah | 06 August 2019
Agile Versus ITIL: How IT Service Teams Can Avail the Best of Both

Agile and ITIL are two popular IT methodologies that have, at separate times, gained traction as a response to dissatisfaction with the “old way” of doing business. At a glance,...

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Posted by Ted Sapountzis | 30 July 2019
The $2 Million IT Problem You Can’t Ignore

What does it cost IT organizations when they do nothing to reduce the number of incidents they have? About $2 million, according to a Forrester study that reviewed the benefits...

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5 Ways to Apply NLP to Smart Incident Management
Posted by Abhijeet Joshi | 23 July 2019
5 Ways to Apply NLP to Smart Incident Management (Part 2)

This is the second of a two-part series on this topic. Part 1 introduces Natural Language Processing (NLP) and how it could transform Incident Management. Part 2 covers five real...

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Automating Reporting of IT Service Workflows
Posted by Amit Shah | 16 July 2019
Unleash your IT data analysts; Automate to cut data prep time by 96%

The old adage, “You can’t fix what you don’t know is broken,” has never been truer. Companies looking to improve efficiencies and address recurring challenges must be able to see...

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Why Smart Incident Management needs NLP
Posted by Abhijeet Joshi | 02 July 2019
Why Smart Incident Management Needs NLP (Part 1)

Better Incident Management is a critical area of focus for all IT organizations given the potential of Incidents to disrupt business, harm brand reputation and reduce stakeholder confidence in IT...

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Posted by Hemant Kumar | 24 June 2019
How to Choose the Right Agile Metrics (Part I)

Most organizations are finding value in agile methodology because it offers flexibility and the ability to change course as needed. That is particularly helpful in IT, since both business needs...

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Posted by Amit Shah | 10 June 2019
3 Ways to Improve Your Service Provider Relationships and Save $1.2M

If you’re like most IT teams, about 10% of your budget is out of your hands. That’s the portion devoted to outsourcing.   The solution to getting the most out...

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Posted by Ted Sapountzis | 11 April 2019
The Business Case for IT Analytics: The best-kept secret (no more)

Earlier today, we issued a press release announcing the results of a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) research study we had commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct on our behalf. The chart...

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