Unleash your IT data analysts; Automate to cut data prep time by 96%

Unleash your IT data analysts; Automate to cut data prep time by 96%
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The old adage, “You can’t fix what you don’t know is broken,” has never been truer. Companies looking to improve efficiencies and address recurring challenges must be able to see the root causes of the problems they face before they can eliminate them. However, doing so is easier said than done.

The obvious answer is to measure and track your IT Service workflows from end to end so that teams can identify obstacles. Yet collecting, analyzing and reporting data is a time-consuming task that can hog precious resources and time for IT teams — time that could be spent proactively improving their service capabilities instead.

Third-party solutions that automate reporting and data preparation, dashboard creation, and analytics with a consolidated view of the system’s health can address this issue. A recent Forrester study found that Numerify’s offerings led to a 96% decrease in the time IT employees spent on such data-related tasks.

Moreover, the benefits of relying on Numerify for analytics and IT reporting drove employee productivity to $917,294 over three years. How? Here are some of the key benefits Forrester found to working with an IT Business Analytics solution that automates data preparation:

Consolidated view of the system’s health: It’s easier to take stock of how things are running when you aren’t looking at multiple reports and systems for tracking. Using a single dashboard to track incidents and workflows reduces the time it takes to pull reports and perform ad-hoc analysis.

Better use of employee time: When employees have to spend time manually generating reports across vendors and IT service delivery operations, they miss out on other value-added tasks that could boost business outcomes. A solution that provides a comprehensive and unified dashboard allows IT teams to focus their time instead on diving deeper into the analytics and gleaning greater insights.

A standard set of metrics: Having multiple ways to measure outcomes and success can lead to inefficiencies in IT operations. Establishing a common way to measure and track can improve the IT service capability as a whole, allowing teams to create an established set of training materials and knowledge articles that can ensure continuity.

More frequent, more relevant reporting: When running a report is as simple as the push of a button, IT employees are equipped to generate more frequent, shorter analytics that can enrich daily operations and team meetings across the IT service delivery groups. They can also use that reporting to show the value of their work to senior and executive management.

Data modeling with less overhead: By using a third-party solution, IT teams can start moving towards a solution more quickly and affordably, foregoing the cost of building internal data architecture expertise to do that data modeling on their own. Numerify clients interviewed by Forrester said a key value of using the solution being able to access to trained experts who could provide customized data modeling without requiring that in-house investment.

In the study, an IT transformation leader in the consumer goods industry sums it up best: “The value we see with Numerify is in becoming a system of intelligence — combining various systems of record to bring a holistic view across the IT landscape.”

Check out the Forrester report to find out more about how Numerify solutions help clients better serve their organizations.

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