New Insights Showcase

Exciting news! In response to the lack of guidance on how to best use IT analytics to improve service delivery, we’ve launched the new Insights Showcase. It’s a collection of analytics-focused best practices, targeting specific opportunities to improve performance, along with top metrics that track progress towards those goals.

As you well know, service management is all about defining and improving the value of service delivered to the business. But on my travels, I hear too many of you struggling to show the benefits from ITSM investments.

The Insights Showcase is aimed at closing that gap and is organized the way you are – by functional IT area. The first two showcase galleries I’m launching are for the Service Desk, and for Ops & Engineering. Come learn how to use analytics to drive IT performance.

“Help! What Should I Measure?”

In my fifteen plus years of working with experienced customers in the service management business, this is the top question I get asked consistently. While some customers ask specific questions related to their business (more about that later), the most frequent question revolves around the concept of what should I do next and how can I measure it?

The Service Desk is responsible for as much 50% of the perception of IT and has a high dependency on labor. So the Service Desk gallery launches with analysis for driving self service, reducing backlog, and eliminating recurring incidents to Boost Service Desk Effectiveness.

IT Ops & Engineering is at the heart of developing new business innovations – yet “Support” consumes as much as 75% of IT budget. The Ops & Engineering gallery launches with analysis for standardizing changes and automating known errors to Drive Ops Efficiency.

Hey – Dude I’ve Got Some Cool Reports!

Now, don’t get me wrong. While some of you struggle with reports, there are definitely other customers I’ve met that have done a great job working with their business peers to understand what moves the needle for them.

They’ve created amazing reports that do something special to create a common view for both the business and IT. The Industry Best Practices gallery highlights unique analytics that might help you in your quest to raise quality, increase productivity, and lower cost.

So that’s the news for now. We’ll continue to regularly update the site with new analyses, so please stay in touch.

If you have any gaps or ideas for new analytics, please let us know either here in the blog or through the ideas section in the Insights section of the showcase.

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