Why Business Analytics for IT Are Your Team’s Path to Success

A customer of ours recently launched a company-wide initiative to realign processes with a clearer focus on end users. Why? They realized departments had gotten so caught up in optimizing...

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IT analytics and IT cost allocation
How to Justify Your IT Analytics Investment to Company Execs

Many companies tell us analytics would be nice to have, but they simply do not have the resources for another IT solution. New technology investments come with many obstacles in...

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analytics are a must-have
Why IT Organizations Are Wrong to Think of Analytics As a Nice-to-Have

It’s that special time of year here at Numerify, with ServiceNow’s User Conference, Knowledge17, just around the corner. Our team will be packing up and traveling to Orlando next week...

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numerify orange shoes
What I Heard at Pink17: Which Comes First, Data or Analytics?

I just returned from Pink17 in Vegas, which was yet another hectic but successful event for the Numerify team. The turnout included some big exhibitors: Atlassian was there with their...

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pilgrimage to insight
Pilgrimage to Insight

This Sunday, Numerify heads to Vegas for our third year sponsoring the Pink Elephant IT Service Management conference. Browsing the Pink website, one discovers an agenda filled with a daunting...

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new year data predictions
3 Data Analytics Predictions for the IT Industry in 2017

The time has come: we’ve eagerly counted backwards from ten to one, clinked champagne glasses to usher in January 1st, and placed all of our hopes and dreams on the...

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it analytics myths
Debunking 4 Common Myths About Analytics for IT

If you’ve paid any heed to the bucketful of craziness that is the American presidential election, you know that falsehoods and misconceptions are being flung every which way. And though...

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common data fails
3 Common Data Pitfalls That Thwart IT’s Success — And How to Solve Them

Data is king — you’ve probably heard the phrase ad nauseam. Even if your IT organization acknowledges its significance, what matters is how your team puts that data to use....

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Real-Time IT Reporting vs Real Analytics
Real-Time IT Reporting vs Real Analytics: Two Speeds to Drive Your Business

There’s a lot of hype around the notion of "real time analytics" and, as a result, a lot of confusion around the concepts of real-time IT reporting and real analytics....

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dig into kpis
Dig Deeper into KPIs to Move Beyond ‘What’ and Answer ‘Why’

Basic KPIs like tickets opened and closed provide the visibility you need into the IT organization’s performance by day, week, and month. Yet to improve your KPIs, you need the...

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