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chronicles of numerify
The Chronicles of Numerify and IT Business Analytics: 3 Years and Counting!

I remember the spring of 2014 quite vividly — we were getting ready to launch Numerify and emerge from stealth mode. It was an exciting time for the small marketing...

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business collaboration
Why Are Top IT Organizations Failing at Communication and Visibility?

When we talk with leaders at top IT organizations, we hear the same pain points over and over again: no communication, and a lack of visibility. IT executives think they’re...

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IT mindset
Reimagine What’s Possible: How to Take Your IT Mindset to a New Level

What if you had absolute trust with your suppliers and your SLAs became insignificant? What would happen if your DevOps team became a “chaos monkey” that purposely initiated failures to...

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how tech is changing IT
How Technology Is Changing the IT Workforce

As I sat down to write this blog post, I had an ironic experience. Our office WiFi stopped working, and I eventually headed home after a few unsuccessful attempts at...

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IT operations challenges
IT Operations Challenges I Encountered Working on a Consumer-Facing Team

A few years back, I worked at a global retailer in Tech Operations management supporting business programs, engineering, and operational needs. The team was unique in that we were not...

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Retail IT
Retail’s Unsung Hero During Peak Periods

With peak season in full swing, retailers are facing long lines of frantic shoppers, websites overloaded with orders, and discounted merchandise selling out in days (or hours). Though these scenes...

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hospital lab challenges
3 Key IT Challenges Facing the Healthcare Industry

IT leaders across all industries are tightening their belts and trying to find the perfect balance of cost, equipment, people, and processes. For the healthcare industry in particular, complications around...

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IT service management and IT performance
How to Get Ahead with Data-Driven IT Strategies

Ask most business users how they feel about their IT organization and you’re likely to receive a lukewarm response. IT complexity — along with budget constraints and increasing business demands...

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updating change prcoesses
How to Effectively Manage Change (No Leap of Faith Necessary)

As the saying goes, “Nobody likes change.” Nowhere is that more true than in IT service management, where making a simple change can seem like jumping off of a cliff....

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IT visibility lightbulb
IT Visibility Brought Back: Let There Be IT Light

All across the company, various business teams are adopting analytics to optimize processes, increase revenue, and quantify business results — with the exception of one. Ironically, this organization stands to...

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