numerify orange shoes
What I Heard at Pink17: Which Comes First, Data or Analytics?

I just returned from Pink17 in Vegas, which was yet another hectic but successful event for the Numerify team. The turnout included some big exhibitors: Atlassian was there with their...

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state of data security
The State of Data Security in 2017: Is Anyone’s Information Safe?

The moment is here: the swearing in of a new POTUS is, well, nigh. America is about to usher in a new administration at a moment when digital security vulnerabilities...

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The Data Decade: My Top 3 Data Resolutions After an Evening with a Dozen IT Leaders

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend an exclusive CIO dinner hosted by Silicon Valley Bank. The setting was to hear three industry executives — a practitioner (the CTO of...

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retailers using consumer data
3 Ways Retailers Can Harness Consumer Data to Up Their Game

In the not-too-distant future, your mobile device could order clothes, furniture, groceries, and other items for you based on your favorite brands, price limits, sizing, purchase frequency, and other factors....

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IT service management and IT performance
How to Get Ahead with Data-Driven IT Strategies

Ask most business users how they feel about their IT organization and you’re likely to receive a lukewarm response. IT complexity — along with budget constraints and increasing business demands...

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accelerating change with data
Accelerating Change With Data

After an epic trip back from Denver last month (Thanks United!) I had the privilege of sitting next to Timmy Duggan. He was polite enough to initiate a conversation and...

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IT data warehouse and data warehouse tools
Data warehouse-as-a-service
Adventures in Data Warehouse-as-a-Service

The challenges of delivering a high-performance cloud data warehouse

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