IT Operations

it operations analytics
How Does IT Operations Analytics Fit Into a System of Intelligence?

IT operations analytics, or ITOA, is sometimes confused with a System of Intelligence for IT since the benefits realized (like improved user experience) often sound similar. However, each can contribute...

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machine learning for proactive change
Mastering Change with Machine Learning

Change success is a critical concern for IT leaders, because both the frequency of changes and the consequences of failed changes are greater than ever. As interactions with customers and...

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SDLC & STEM project innovation
Communication and Collaboration Drives Innovation in the IT Workplace

Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to volunteer with local elementary teachers on several STEM projects involving current-day challenges in our community and around the globe. Early...

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it complexity
Navigating IT Complexity: How to Move Your Organization in the Right Direction

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of IT? If you surveyed a group of IT professionals, the answers would likely be diverse: technology, processes, services,...

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IT contact analytics
Numerify IT Contact Analytics: The Inside Story

Yesterday, we launched the Early Access Program (EAP) for our IT Contact Analytics solution, a solution that was not requested but demanded by our large enterprise customers. Our ITCA product...

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IT Reporting retail
Tales from the Trenches: IT Reporting During Peak Retail Periods

This post was written by Numerify’s Director of Product Marketing to offer firsthand insight into the challenges many retailers face when relying on IT reporting during peak retail months. I...

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IT in Retail
Behind the Scenes: IT’s Hidden (But Significant) Role in Retail

At a play, spectators see only practiced actors and rehearsed scenes — the work that goes on backstage remains all but invisible. IT is like the stage crew of retail,...

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IT change management
Help Your Change Velocity Take Flight with Analytics

After my last blog discussing how analytics can help manage risks while driving successful changes, I received a few emails from colleagues curious about how analytics can drive change velocity...

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change management innovation
Change Is in the Air: Driving Innovation with Change Management

We recently held a webinar about change management, which happened to fall on the first day of autumn. As nature’s most colorful reminder of the old making way for the...

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