Process Improvements

SDLC & STEM project innovation
Communication and Collaboration Drives Innovation in the IT Workplace

Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to volunteer with local elementary teachers on several STEM projects involving current-day challenges in our community and around the globe. Early...

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Demystifying IT service providers and IT shared services
Demystifying IT Shared Services & Service Providers to Ensure Service Accountability

Recently I was reflecting on our solution overview on service accountability and thinking about what it means to be a service provider. ServiceNow® users may have observed how the company...

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evaluate vendor performance
Here’s How IT Leaders Are Solving Their Top 3 Vendor Accountability Challenges

Has vendor accountability morphed into a beast your IT organization can’t seem to tame? If so, don’t worry; you’re not alone in your fight. We regularly encounter IT departments that...

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Retail IT
Retail’s Unsung Hero During Peak Periods

With peak season in full swing, retailers are facing long lines of frantic shoppers, websites overloaded with orders, and discounted merchandise selling out in days (or hours). Though these scenes...

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change management innovation
Change Is in the Air: Driving Innovation with Change Management

We recently held a webinar about change management, which happened to fall on the first day of autumn. As nature’s most colorful reminder of the old making way for the...

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