Service Effectiveness

3 Ways to Improve Your Service Provider Relationships and Save $1.2M

If you’re like most IT teams, about 10% of your budget is out of your hands. That’s the portion devoted to outsourcing.   The solution to getting the most out...

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My Journey to Numerify

Hello, my name is Ben Sapp and I want to share a bit about myself, my background in IT, and why I decided to come to work for Numerify. I...

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it service provider governance
Using Analytics to Drive Win-Win Relationships with your IT Service Providers

IT's role in the enterprise is growing — as is its budget and a pressure to deliver new and more innovative services. At the same time, the supply base is...

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pilgrimage to insight
Pilgrimage to Insight

This Sunday, Numerify heads to Vegas for our third year sponsoring the Pink Elephant IT Service Management conference. Browsing the Pink website, one discovers an agenda filled with a daunting...

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future of customer service
3 New Technologies that are Making Waves in the Service Industry

Recently I had a rather lousy customer service experience: I had to call a major company’s support department seven times over 72 hours, a number of which were due to...

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IT service desk metrics and service desk health
4 Surprising Stats About Service Desk Health

We’re nearly a month into 2017, and with any luck your new year’s fitness resolutions are still going strong. (Or maybe not; I won’t judge!) But the next time you...

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IT service desk analytics tools
4 Moves to Help Managers Conquer High Service Desk Demand

Mastering your IT team’s service desk demand feels like playing a painfully long and complex game of chess — the end-game must always be at the forefront of your mind,...

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Reduce IT task and ticket reassignments
Mature Your IT Operational Processes with Ticket Assignment Analysis

“Automation” is the key enabler for any process, including IT operational processes, for traversing the path of maturity enhancement. It makes a process repeatable and comes with a promise of...

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enhancing IT services
How to Enhance the Value of Your IT Services

If we ask an IT Manager about how good their CSAT is looking, we are likely to have the following or similar answer - “My SLAs have been doing well and...

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Time card analysis
4 Surprising Benefits of Time Card Analytics

Managing people and their time well is critical to achieving IT's goals

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