Your customers and end users demand superior service from your service center.

Gain targeted insights across your contact center to improve productivity and optimize operations with Numerify’s Contact Analytics (CA).

Contact Analytics

Numerify CA helps your contact center team increase productivity and accelerate operational improvements by identifying drivers of customer contact, agent performance, and business impact. Obtain a complete picture of operations by combining relevant data sources, including pre-built integrations to popular ticket systems and automatic call distributor systems (ACDs). Improve visibility at every level to help drive alignment and enable change across teams for optimal performance.

Agent Performance Visibility

Understand which team members are driving team performance and identify areas of improvement. Use your data and a full spectrum of metrics to create the dialogue needed to coach agents for tangible improvements. Drive self-improvement through data transparency and feedback to agents across key KPIs such as adherence, quality, first call resolution (FCR), customer satisfaction (CSAT), and average handle time.

Performance Reporting

Save time and resources with the automated delivery of daily, weekly, and monthly performance scorecards for all team members. Avoid building time-consuming reports that go stale and don’t offer drill-down capabilities for deeper analysis. Deliver a single source of insight to the entire service center team for effective operations and continuous improvement.

Support Process Efficiency

Identify which applications, issues, and agent skill sets are consuming the most contact center agent resources. Target customer item issues with the highest volume of calls to improve CSAT. Drill down into actual incidents generated by customer service calls to understand cases and related problems. Pinpoint areas for self-service and topics in need of knowledge management articles. Leverage this visibility to drive process efficiencies, cross-functional accountability, and positive customer outcomes.

Contact Center Productivity

Improve service levels by tracking scorecard performance with month-to-date and year-to-date results across metrics such as adherence, utilization, FCR, and quality. Determine which teams and agents are driving positive and negative customer experiences. Gauge individual agent performance relative to reference KPIs to facilitate agent coaching. Gain daily visibility into key metrics around outsourced provider performance. Satisfy customers and end users effectively and efficiently while operating at optimal cost and resources.

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