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Mastering the Complexities of Retail IT

A specialty outdoor retailer has a growing national presence, making it increasingly challenging for IT to meet internal and customer-facing service demands. This complexity is made all the more difficult by unique industry challenges such as the 4-4-5 calendar. Their IT organization sought to increase visibility across data sources and streamline service processes while maintaining the corporate commitment to service excellence. Despite having a robust analytics team, IT leaders determined that an internal BI project would become a complex and expensive undertaking.

Moving Beyond Data Aggregation

Their IT service team relies on ServiceNow® and other systems such as Avaya® to drive service delivery and automation. As a result, the team was spending hundreds of hours annually generating reports with only limited visibility. They searched for an alternative solution that would provide greater insight into IT operations with the flexibility to adapt to their retail needs.

  • Saved 500+ reporting hours with Numerify insights by automating weekly, monthly, and year-end status reports
  • Merged key incident and request metrics from ServiceNow with Avaya contact center data for single view of service desk productivity
  • Identified need for additional agent training

Improving the Service-to-Store Relationship

IT executives knew they could increase transparency and offer more responsive support for employees of the company’s 120-plus stores. To do so, they sought help from Numerify’s IT business analytics to integrate and correlate data from key applications – ServiceNow, SAP Financials, and Avaya Call Center. Combining these data sources enabled teams to divert resources from reporting building to pinpointing opportunities for improvement.

  • Visual incident mapping reveals stores in need of urgent support before holiday seasons
  • Identified top five stores with incidents increasing month over month
  • Improved allocation of field resources with insights
mapping IT incidents
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Numerify analytics generate precise insights that provide business visibility and enable smarter decisions.

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Outdoor Retailer

Sharpening the View of IT Projects

With more than 1,000 IT resources, the team sought to better understand their utilization, associated costs, and potential issues around over- or under-allocation. Executives were also concerned about whether resource usage trends aligned with the company’s 4-4-5 retail calendar.

After implementing Numerify, they developed a centralized hub for IT project data that allows teams to analyze records from SAP, ServiceNow, and other systems. IT was able to improve annual planning by reviewing in-depth analyses of time spent on support versus project activities. The integrated view of their financial data also provides insight into cost overruns, spend by project phase, and costs for internal resources compared to outsourced providers.

Delivering Long-Term Value

The company will continue to promote an IT agenda that drives visibility internally and reinforces their quality service promise. IT leaders plan to increase transparency at the store level by providing visibility across IT processes and expanding access to project updates. One major project on the horizon will involve granular analyses of key in-store technologies to understand differences in issues that are store-specific or system-wide.
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