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Palo Alto Networks Elevates Employee Experiences with Analytical Insights

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Delivering a World-Class Employee Experience

At Palo Alto Networks, the world’s largest independent cybersecurity company, leadership is actively working to disrupt how IT supports employees. The organization’s efforts to meet this goal include providing world-class support and implementing new processes to drive the success of their employees. Steve Januario, the Senior Director of Employee Success, is propelling this initiative forward by identifying opportunities to enhance the experience for employees and create more time for business growth.

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In today’s IT department, we want to be doing a lot more to grow and transform the business to ensure we’re making people as productive as possible across the organization.

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Steve Januario

Senior Director of Employee Success

Quick Win: Pinpointing Top Incident Drivers

One challenge the IT team at Palo Alto Networks faced was improving visibility around their top ticket drivers. Steve and his team deployed Numerify dashboards to review incidents by category, and discovered that an “other” tagging group was logging about 300 incidents per month.

Using text analytics, Steve drilled into the “other” categorization and found new hires were selecting the option for tickets they didn’t know how to classify. In one case, an employee had used the “other” tag 1,530 times over the span of two years. Management adjusted the training program so new hires could begin correctly categorizing on day one, and usage of the “other” classification declined dramatically.

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Gaining Visibility into Employee Workloads

To ensure resources aligned with business priorities, Steve’s team sought a better understanding of work breakdown across teams and individuals. A dashboard showing total open work activities enables Steve to drill into work by individual across ticket type, time spent, and actions taken. In one instance, Steve used these drill-down capabilities to pinpoint that one individual had recorded a high number of ServiceNow® tickets due to resource reallocation after a recent campus move. His team now utilizes analytical insights to answer critical questions such as:

  • What does the breakdown of work look like across employees?
  • Are we best utilizing our employees’ time?
  • Are employees using more time to help grow the business or to run the business?
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At the end of the day the most important thing when you’re in IT is speed, followed by empathy.

steve januario testimonial
Steve Januario

Monitoring Sprint Activity by Individual

Steve’s team extensively utilizes Atlassian Jira® software for workload activity, but he needed deeper insight into work distribution and performance across individuals. With a broader visibility dashboard from Numerify, Steve is able to track and dig into sprint performance and velocity. He can now quickly understand which individuals are completing the most work and what type of work they’re doing, thus rapidly reducing backlog.

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Shifting to a More Innovative State

With Numerify, Steve and his team have taken significant steps to transition their employees from primarily running the business to focusing on innovation. Thus far his team has identified 30 percent of work areas as opportunities for automation and reduced the mean time to restore (MTTR) from two weeks to less than a day. Steve’s team plans to continue leading the organization’s employee experience goals by focusing on a shift-left initiative around self-service. IT leadership is also committed to standardizing metrics across the organization, which they will oversee using Numerify’s in-depth analytical insights.

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