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Driving Innovation with Data

Rambus is a semiconductor IP and products company with a mission to create innovations that improve the competitive advantage of their customers. Streamlined operations are a key facilitator of that innovation, allowing the IT organization to direct resources toward process improvements instead of report building. VP of IT Mark Grimse launched an initiative to meet these needs — branded “IT 3.0” — with ambitious goals to partner with the business by driving his team to think strategically and execute locally.

IT had already implemented common strategies, such as centralization and shared services, in an effort to free up spend for innovation. They had also stretched PC lifecycles to manage capital investment. Despite these actions, Mark saw room for his team to improve the balance between time spent keeping the lights on versus innovating.

Rising to the Execution Challenge

Mark’s preference for using data to prioritize change led him to focus first on lowering the cost and latency of reports. He wanted to minimize the effort of reporting required by his team while improving the level of insights generated. His team’s ability to ensure data consistency and maintain historical views across incident management, problems, changes, and service requests in a timely manner is critical.

Customer quote

Data is at the heart of everything we do, and at Rambus, using data to instill continuous improvement has amplified our ability to deliver quality service and business insight to our internal customers.

Mark Grimse

VP of IT

Recognizing Process Imbalances

The team’s reliance on manual reporting meant managers often faced challenges accurately comparing total open work and resource allocation. Mark realized the team’s need for increased transparency was impacting key measurements, and turned to Numerify to confirm this connection. After identifying an unusually high mean time to resolve (MTTR) rate, IT leaders developed an interactive dashboard that would enable them to monitor workloads and team performance.

  • Discovered some technicians had double the typical load of problem tickets compared to their colleagues
  • Re-balanced ticket allocation, which ultimately enabled the company to reduce its MTTR
  • Provided service managers with a centralized view of total work allocated to agents
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Numerify’s cloud-based business analytics solution allows our key IT stakeholders to access understandable and actionable dashboards.

Mark Grimse

VP of IT

Exposing Blind Spots

Incident management was another area where Mark found his team devoting more resources than seemed productive. Mark sought a method to actively monitor performance and pinpoint when metrics were trending down before those numbers could impact the business. He had previously relied on a manual process that involved checking in with individual project owners.

After deploying Numerify, Mark and the team used color visualizations to reveal discrepancies in incident volume patterns. These insights helped the team uncover blind spots and pinpoint the root cause of spikes and anomalies in incident volume.

With Numerify, Rambus discovered a number of new insights:

  • Exposed which categories were experiencing unusual growth or reductions in volume
  • Found aging incident requests that had been open for more than 90 days
  • Revealed hot spots in business service health and identified areas in need of investment

Leading Behavioral Change at Rambus

The IT team at Rambus envisions Numerify becoming a critical component in their drive to change behaviors at the operational level. The team plans to continue its work of mapping business services to technologies in an effort to identify priorities for future improvement. Mark believes Numerify will empower his team to gain the greatest value from their IT investments while improving performance across core IT processes. According to Mark, “Numerify is the window into the health of our business.”

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