Numerify customer success

A proven customer success methodology

Our tried and true methodology not only dramatically reduces deployment time to deliver meaningful results faster, but also helps you optimize and grow with Numerify.
Together we drive outcomes
We only succeed when our customers succeed. Gartner estimates that only one-fifth of analytical projects deliver business outcomes today. We partner with our customers to beat the odds. By using our outcome-oriented approach to customer success, alongside proven methodologies and best practices, we empower our customers to deliver actionable insights that move the needle across their enterprise.
ITSM Customer sucess experts
A dedicated team of experts to guide you along your journey
Our expert Customer Success Managers, Insight Architects, and Technical Account Managers have walked in your shoes and stay with you throughout your entire journey.
ITSM Customer sucess numerify
A community of peers
An exclusive community built for you by you. Learn from our insights library, best practice playbooks, and training content. Connect with your peers to learn from each other.
Our customer success methodology
Our methodology is based on one core principle: To help you get the most value out of your IT investments.
Sucess methodology-launch Sucess methodology-grow Sucess methodology-optimize
From kickoff to go-live in 6 weeks. This is what many of our customers have experienced. The objective is to get you up and running as fast as possible, and our methodology does just that.
  • IT planning
    Define value drivers and use cases, assign team and build the business case and master plan
  • IT deployment
    Integrate with your source systems and deploy our best practice-driven dashboards
  • IT executive dashboard
    Prepare for launch
    Refine the dashboards based on your feedback, train your power users, and prepare for rollout
  • IT data visualizatiom
    With our help, train all your users to get the most value
We know that successfully deploying Numerify is only the beginning of your IT analytics journey. Our dedicated experts stay with you throughout that journey to ensure you get the most value out of your IT investments. Some of what you’d expect to see during this phase include:
  • Ongoing training and user enablement
  • Best practices to help you stay on track
  • Adjustments to your deployment as your business evolves
  • Quarterly business reviews
  • And, of course, ongoing support and maintenance
Successfully deploying an IT analytics solution is only the start of your journey with Numerify. Your dedicated success team works to ensure your solutions grow with your evolving needs by adapting to changing business requirements, incorporating new data sources, and identifying new use cases and areas of focus. Because all Numerify solutions are powered by the same world-class platform, adding new capabilities and features (whether it is a new dashboard or brand new solution) is a breeze.

Below is a representative journey from one of our customers.

  • ITSM process improvement
    Service Management Process Optimization
  • IT change sucess
    6 months
    Change Risk Prediction
  • Devops Performance
    6 months
    DevOps Performance Management
  • IT portfolio management
    12 months
    IT Business Service Performance Management