Leading Appliance Manufacturer Leverages Numerify for IT Quality Service Initiative

Leading Appliance Manufacturer Leverages Numerify for IT Quality Service Initiative
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Shifting to a customer-driven approach

IT executives at a global appliance manufacturer recently launched a worldwide initiative to focus on a five-star service experience. Coined the “Drive to 5,” this undertaking involves an IT-wide effort to transform how the organization interacts with and serves its internal customers. For senior leadership, the initiative means coordinating IT and service provider processes with a clear focus on the end user.

“By focusing on the end user, we hope to gain greater insight into how our services influence customers — and provide a positive, long-lasting impact on those relationships.”
GIS Manager
Appliance Manufacturer

    Quick win: delivering deeper performance insights

    When the Global Information Systems (GIS) manager walked his board of directors through their first Numerify dashboard, they discovered that additional insight would enhance alignment around regional performance. Previously IT found it time-consuming to pinpoint the top-performing regions or areas. Yet with immediate data insights from Numerify, they were able to quickly recognize achievements as well as identify improvement opportunities for other regions. Numerify’s insights enabled the team to effectively compare performance data by region, configuration item, hardware, service, and other key factors.

    “With Numerify, we have access to comprehensive insights. We can easily compare performance among field teams, such as how regions are doing in relation to other areas — which we could not do with our previous tools.”
    GIS Manager

      From static reporting to active analysis

      IT spent hundreds of hours each month creating all of the reports needed for daily operations. This usage of resources meant IT employees had less time to analyze data and identify potential improvements.

      In the case of reviewing their mean time to resolve (MTTR) data, the team faced unique challenges around comparing date ranges, regions, configuration items (CIs), and vendors. Each time they adjusted the variables being analyzed, the reporting process had to be restarted. Answering a question such as how long is it taking to solve tickets? took longer than desired — reducing the time the team could spend enacting changes based on their analyses.

      • With ad hoc analysis, insights are available on the spot
      • The team can easily drill into root cause around date ranges, region, severity, vendors, CI, portfolio, and other variables
      • Ability to join multiple data tables in singular view

        Realigning processes to their IT initiative

        To propel their IT initiative forward, the team needed a means to ensure service improvements were measurable. They sought to better understand inconsistencies between incidents and customer satisfaction metrics. Yet their original process for gathering that data required the manual extraction of all records — as many as 100,000 items — and could take up to a full day. The GIS manager realized their process could benefit from improvements: something wasn’t being measured properly.

        • Evaluating their data with Numerify revealed customer satisfaction (CSAT) measurements didn’t always align with IT priorities
        • Addressed customer concerns with follow-up calls for insight into improving performance
        • Adjusted IT workflows to increase visibility of customers and service performance
        “Numerify helped expose how distant some services were from the business. We were offering support, but not focusing on the right priorities.”
        GIS Manager

          On the agenda: transforming how IT does business

          Ambitious IT process changes are on the horizon as the company moves forward with their service promise. The team is turning to Numerify to shift from report-building mode to driving continuous improvement through analytical insights. Top-of-line priorities include collecting and evaluating broader data sets relevant to customer experience, as well as expanding their use of business analytics to oversee critical assets. Ultimately, the GIS Manager envisions Numerify “as a trusted source of insight for our operations, becoming the main solution for leadership’s decision making.”