Large regional bank curbs risks in their environment with data insights

Large regional bank curbs risks in their environment with data insights

Embracing data in the financial industry

A large financial services provider with branches in more than a dozen states faces constant pressure to remain innovative and support the new technological demands of their customers. A key responsibility of their IT organization is maintaining production stability, both for applications and infrastructure. Their recently appointed CIO launched a digital transformation and sought to reform IT’s culture with a greater emphasis on technology and data.

"If applications crash and we have an all-encompassing Tier-1 event across the organization, we need to be able to truly conduct analyses."
IT Manager

    Simplifying oversight of application health

    With 1,900 applications that span Tier 0 to Tier 4, their IT organization requires comprehensive visibility of application health. IT leaders had previously relied on service management reports and faced limitations around mapping instance configurations. Through risk assessments of data, the team discovered that a single middleware instance hosted 45 applications, 40 percent of which were Tier 1 applications. With analytics, they determined that an event could cause an uptick in support calls as well as project delays of 90 to 100 days.

    • Deployed a health check dashboard to monitor application stability and score applications based on availability tends
    • IT manager can quickly review performance and identify high-level risks before they impact service

    "We needed to transform the way we practiced health monitoring to reduce associated overhead and enable the organization to achieve a new level of performance."
    SVP of IT Operations

      Improving accountability with analytics-driven governance

      For an organization within the financial industry, regulatory processes and compliance governance are critical. Before Numerify, their IT team utilized Excel spreadsheets that made data trending difficult and incident analyses inflexible. These processes proved to be clunky and ineffective when data insights were necessary to prove or disprove regulator perceptions.

      In one instance, regulators believed that during a specific month incidents categorized as priority levels 2 and 3 had been on the rise. The IT manager knew the data did not support that perception, but could not quickly or easily corroborate her position. Previously, she would have had to manually sift through a month’s worth of incident data, which averages 60,000 to 70,000 incidents. With Numerify, she was able to promptly analyze data across all levels (P 1, 2, and 3) to determine that no such increase had occurred — and present those results to company executives and regulators in the form of analytical dashboards.

      "With Numerify, we’re able to understand how to better stabilize our environment moving forward. It’s like I’ve been swimming in muddy water without goggles on — now it’s a crystal blue ocean and my vision is as clear as a bell."
      IT Manager

        Recover missing information around service delivery

        IT leaders also encountered challenges around unreliable or missing server information within their configuration management database (CMDB). Accurate geographical positions enable IT to quickly identify which servers are impacted when an abend (unexpected equipment failure) occurs; without these details, service disruptions result. This intelligence is vital to protect the company’s new state-of-the-art data center, which was built in an area prone to hurricanes.

        • Used Numerify to discover 1,200 servers were missing vital location details
        • Created a dashboard to monitor ongoing CMDB health and provide immediate insight into potential configuration issues
        • Adjusted processes to improve compliance and accountability

        "With Numerify, I think we will shift toward becoming an organization focused on tighter governance. We want to be able to quickly, transparently, and accurately provide insight on where our company can grow."
        IT Manager

          Setting their sights on future analytics projects

          To further advance the CIO’s directive, the IT organization plans to connect Numerify to other key data sources beyond ServiceNow®. Initiatives on the immediate horizon include enhanced oversight of personnel allocation as well as more accurate lifecycle tracking so that teams can phase out outdated assets for cutting-edge equipment. Team leaders are committed to strategically overseeing the business of IT — and to securing the transparency required to live up to the CIO’s vision. As the IT manager puts it, IT hopes “to use Numerify not only as a stability management tool but also for broader business management.”