IT analytics platform

AI-powered analytics platform purpose-built for IT

The foundation for our cloud-based solutions that deliver prescriptive and actionable insights across the IT landscape
Next-generation architecture
Traditional approaches to IT analytics are expensive to maintain and unable to adapt to the pace of change in business today. Our platform is built from the ground up using our patented cloud automation and code generation methods to enable the agile, data-ops-oriented approach that underlies our solutions. Numerify is pioneering a cloud-native approach to building, deploying, and managing powerful IT analytics.

Data visualization & IT dashboards

Powerful, interactive data visualizations and IT dashboards empower everyone from casual to power users

IT Business dashboard

Data visualization and dashboarding capabilities bring your data to life. Our IT analytics platform delivers a range of end-user data visualization and analytical techniques that are powerful and easy to use. The IT dashboards can embed a range of visualizations to present insights that are clear and compelling. Our intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes it quick and easy to explore data using out-of-the-box grids, graphs, charts, and maps. Every Numerify solution contains several pre-built IT dashboards that provide role-specific, actionable insights.

    Bring Your Own Business Intelligence (BYOBI)

    Optionally use your preferred Business Intelligence (BI) tool to access Numerify

    Business intelligence data visualization platform support

    Our architecture is designed to be open and fit within existing enterprise architecture standards. Continue to use your favorite BI tool while still benefiting from the rich analytical framework and IT data architecture that Numerify provides.

      Business Intelligence (BI) framework

      Powerful and complete set of IT analytics and reporting capabilities

      IT Business intelligence platform

      Our IT business intelligence framework provides robust analytical capabilities delivered via dashboards and interactive visualizations. It includes clustering and caching capabilities to drive high performance; a robust SQL and analytical engine for complex computations and queries; an object-oriented security model; and a multi-source engine that can access data from multiple sources. It supports a full set of analytical reporting constructs such as:

      • Metrics: Simple, compound, nested, derived, level, transformation
      • Hierarchies: Support for balanced, unbalanced, skip-level, and ragged hierarchies
      • Functions: Date/Time, Financial, String, Null/Zero, Math, OLAP, Statistical, Pattern, Rank, and nTile
      • Modeling: Support for multiple, such as slowly changing dimensions, currency support, factless facts, etc.
      • Expression filters: Attribute-to-attribute qualification, relationship metric qualification, and custom expression qualification
      • Ad-hoc analysis capabilities: Business user-friendly visual data discovery, drill-down and across, slice-and dice, etc.
      • Geospatial analysis: Interactive maps, dynamic data layers, location intelligence, etc.
      • Data blending: Customized data views that combine offline user data sets with Numerify big data store

      Artificial Intelligence (AI) framework

      Solution-specific Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) models that deliver transformative IT insights

      Artificial Intelligence Analytics

      Use augmented intelligence to unearth signals from massive volumes of data and proactively act upon predictive insights. Our range of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models — such as categorical data clustering, topic modeling, support vector machine, process mining, and sentiment analysis — are purpose-built and proven to address domain-specific IT use cases. These models are pre-built, proven through multiple enterprise deployments, and easily configurable. We continuously optimize these models based on your specific environment to improve performance with minimal human intervention. This optimization allows IT teams to focus on leveraging insights rather than building these AI and ML models from scratch. Our complementary BI framework makes those IT insights available to explore through interactive visual data exploration.

        Unified curated data model

        Best-in-class IT data model

        ETL IT platform

        Because the data model is source-agnostic and enterprise-grade, our solutions can rapidly source data from applications across the IT landscape. Our powerful semantic graph makes it easy for business users to leverage powerful analytics while shielding them from the complexity of the underlying data structures. Built for high-query performance and scalability, it embeds dozens of in-memory data cubes that, in turn, reside upon numerous pre-built star schemas, encompassing many conformed dimensions and fact tables. It is constructed using dimensional modeling techniques to allow for instant access to the information you need to make effective decisions.

          Big data store

          Big data workload pattern

          IT platform data lake

          Numerify’s big data architecture enables both near-real-time and batch analytics against massive data streams from multiple sources. End-users can benefit from near-real-time insights delivered from a data lake while simultaneously benefiting from analytics sourced from a curated and enriched batch data store. The platform uses a combination of Apache Spark and SQL as the compute services for stream and batch querying. Numerify’s cloud-native streaming data pipeline is powered by Apache Kafka, enabling it to handle massive data streams from multiple sources and deliver them to multiple consumers. This innovative platform design enables it to scale to massive amounts of data, while still providing low latency query response times, even for sophisticated analytic queries.

            Cloud automation & code generation

            Automated analytical application generation

            Cloud automation IT analytics platform

            Our unique and patented approach to building analytical applications dramatically shrinks the time and effort needed to generate actionable IT insights and drive business value. Developers simply define “what” the application needs to achieve, rather than “how”. By employing a drag-and-drop interface to define and configure the application logical model and transformation logic, our platform generates the target physical model, staging models, data integration code, BI semantic models, and AI model configurations. Any tenant-specific customizations are captured as extensions to be used to generate tenant-specific versions tailored to your environment.

              Deep semantic integrations

              Pre-built connectivity to common IT data sources

              Our pre-built, intelligent connectors enable us to connect to a wide range of IT applications quickly while being responsive to changes happening at the underlying data sources. The connectors understand the content and context of a wide range of commonly deployed IT systems — including ServiceNow, BMC, CA Broadcom, Cisco AppDynamics, New Relic, Atlassian Jira, Jenkins, Microsoft Azure Visual Studio, and many others. Numerify supports cloud and on-premise data loads and can extract data from custom data sources through a flat-file pull, configurable REST adaptors, or JDBC connectivity. Both batch and streaming data loads are supported. Our semantically-aware connectors can detect, flag, and selectively resolve source data schema changes.

                • BMC integration
                • Service Now Integration
                • Broadcom Technologies
                • appdynamics integration
                • New relic integration
                • SPlunk integration
                • Avaya intergation
                • Apica Partner
                • cisco integration
                • Tenable logo
                • jira integration
                • jenkins integration
                • azure devops
                • Broadcom Technologies
                • micro focus integration
                • Service Now Integration
                PLANNING & GOVERNANCE
                • apptio integration
                • Broadcom Technologies
                • micro focus integration
                • Service Now Integration
                • Microsoft excell integration
                • smartsheet
                • One Trust
                • RSA
                • Google sheets
                • Delivered as a comprehensive solution
                  We combine our next generation, AI-powered platform with pre-built domain-specific best practice analytic models to deliver comprehensive IT analytics solutions.
                • Supported by an expert team
                  Our team of industry experts becomes an extension of your team to ensure the success of your organization's journey to IT Business Analytics.