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How AIOps helps IT Change and Service Management be more reliable and nimble

In today’s volatile environment, your customers, partners, and employees are more dependent than ever on your ability to deliver reliable digital servicesInvesting in AI-powered capabilities that improve the quality, availability, and performance of these mission-critical services is now all the more importantand technological innovations are making such capabilities easier to adopt. 

 IT Operations teams have always struggled to identify and fix complex problems quickly, in part because they often cannot correlate data from multiple monitoring systems, e.g., is the root cause of a major incident related to a recent change? If so, which of the 100+ changes made in the past week is the culprit? 

How can IT Change and Service Management processes use the wealth of historical insights in ITSM, APM, DevOps, and other systems to avoid major incidents in the future? 

AIOps (AI for IT Operations) delivers precisely these insights allowing your teams to not only resolve incidents faster but also help avoid incidents altogether. Watch  the on-demand webinar co-hosted by our guest speaker Rich Lane, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research, and Ted Sapountzis, VP of Marketing at Numerify, to learn: 

  • What is AIOps and how can it help you improve service reliability, agility, and the employee experience 
  • How AIOps can not only automate decision making but also augment the capabilities of your IT Service and Change Management teams 
  • How Fortune 500 organizations are applying these principles today 
  • How to get started, even if you don’t have data scientists in your organization 
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Guest Speaker: Rich Lane, Senior Analyst, Forrester
Rich serves infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals as a Forrester analyst. His expertise focuses on operations intelligence, including advanced analytics, machine learning, and AI-related techniques for enterprise, application, infrastructure, and services performance monitoring and management, service delivery, and business insights. He has a passion for how automation and machine learning can free I&O practitioners from traditional maintenance and incident management activities, so they can spend their time making IT services more valuable for the business.
Ted Sapountzis, VP Marketing, Numerify
Ted is the VP of Marketing at Numerify. As an enterprise software veteran and lifelong business analytics student, Ted has built and led analytics businesses at numerous early-stage companies and SAP. Earlier in his career, Ted was a management consultant at McKinsey & Company and started his career helping transportation companies optimize their networks and pricing.