Mastering Digital Transformation Strategy & IT: Evolve or Die

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Digital Transformation & IT: Evolve or Die

Featuring: Peter High, President, Metis Strategy LLC

Never before has the pace of change been so fast. Fifty years ago, a company that joined the S&P 500 would stay in it for more than half a century — now it is closer to fifteen years. To remain competitive, companies are continuously reinventing themselves. How can IT leaders enable their teams to drive this digital transformation across the enterprise?

Peter High, Forbes columnist, author, and President of Metis Strategy shares stories from companies that have mastered this sort of transformation. He also offers strategies used by IT leaders to help their teams become data-driven, agile, and able to adapt to the evolving role of IT.

Join us to learn:

  • How the pace of change is impacting IT teams across all industries
  • How IT’s role is evolving from a cost center to a true innovation center
  • The role data and analytics play in informing IT strategy and facilitating this journey
  • The evolving skills IT professionals need to help their organizations and advance their careers
digital transformation and IT evolve or die
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  • Implementing World class It strategy Peter High
    The actionable guide for driving organizational innovation through better IT strategy
    • With rare insight, expert technology strategist Peter High emphasizes the acute need for IT strategy to be developed not in a vacuum, but in concert with the broader organizational strategy. This approach focuses the development of technology tools and strategies in a way that is comprehensive in nature and designed with the concept of value in mind. The role of CIO is no longer "just" to manage IT strategy—instead, the successful executive will be firmly in tune with corporate strategy and a driver of a technology strategy that is woven into overall business objectives at the enterprise and business unit levels.
  • Peter High Metis
    Peter High President, Metis Strategy LLC
    • Peter High is an expert in business and information technology strategy. As an acclaimed author, Forbes Columnist, and the President of Metis Strategy LLC, he is a trusted advisor to a wide array of executives across Fortune 500 companies in various industries. Peter has helped develop and implement the strategies that have propelled IT forward from the order-taking, support function of yesteryear to the strategic driver of revenue growth as well as cost savings and efficiencies of today.