Driving IT Operational Excellence with Analytics

IDG Research Paper

Numerify collaborated with IDG Research to conduct a survey with top IT leaders. The goal of the survey was to understand how the IT Operations function could potentially benefit from the use of analytics. The survey also sought to understand best practices in using analytics to enable successful IT operations.

Survey participants were a diverse group of IT leaders, representing enterprises from a variety of industries. IT leaders were asked to share their top goals for improving IT operations over the next year and the role that analytics currently played in their organization. They detailed the benefits saw the challenges they have encountered in their own analytics initiatives. They were asked what they hoped to achieve from greater use of analytics and how this could help them in meeting their future goals.

Organizations are under constant pressure to evolve and keep pace with an increasingly competitive environment. Most organizations have well defined digital transformation initiatives to achieve exactly this. Read this e-Book to:

  • Understand how IT is positioned to quickly become a strategic source of innovation as businesses are increasingly relying on technology to gain competitive differentiation
  • Discover how your peers are arming themselves for this critical shift
  • Understand how analytics can be a key enabler of this transformation
IDG marketpulse IT operations ebook
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