Total Economic Impact™ of Numerify IT Business Analytics

Independent research shows 214% Return On Investment (ROI) and a payback period of less than three months

IT Operations Management is now more reliant on data than ever before. To make effective decisions, CIOs, IT Operations, and IT Service Management leaders require visibility across their multi-vendor, multi-functional IT landscape. However their underlying data sources are siloed, leading to an inability for organizations to build a comprehensive view of IT operations across multiple systems of record.

Numerify commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study. This study concluded that Numerify’s customers received a three-year 214% ROI and a payback period of less than three months.

Organizations that have deployed the Numerify IT Business Analytics platform have experienced the following cumulative 3-year benefits:

  • Over $2M from reducing incident volume by 30%: By providing insights into the root causes of incidents and by preventing recurring ones from re-occurring, Numerify customers use their IT Service Management resources more optimally.
  • $1.2M from increased visibility into SLA compliance for external ITSM vendors: By proactively managing ITSM vendor performance, and engaging in data driven contract renewal negotiations, Numerify customers were able to reduce costs while improving the service experience for their employees and customers.
  • $1M from automating the manual process of collecting and organizing data: By empowering IT analytics staff to spend less time on mechanical and error-prone data preparation and reporting, they could instead focus on driving insights that resulted in better business outcomes.

Download the research paper to learn how Numerify IT Business Analytics can unlock value across your IT operations.

Forrester Research TEI report
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        What our customers have to say
        • “The value we see with Numerify is in becoming a system of intelligence - combining various systems of record to bring a holistic view across the IT landscape.”
          IT Transformation Leader
          Consumer goods
        • “Initial metrics showed that 67% of our problems were caused by change activity. Numerify enabled us to calculate each team change success rate and drive accountability. Today we are down to 22% of our problems being change-related.”
          Director of IT Service Management
          Healthcare Financial Services