Wisdom of Crowds: Why IT Needs Real BI featuring Howard Dresner

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“Business analytics has become imperative for IT organizations as they seek to improve business alignment, adopt agile principles, and accelerate innovation,” according to Howard Dresner, the father of modern BI and founder and chief research officer at Dresner Advisory services. “Deeper analysis of IT people, process, and project data is central to driving change and achieving these goals, and we’re seeing IT leaders rapidly increase adoption of the analytics practices that have been common to the rest of the business for years.”

Business intelligence, big data, and analytics are used throughout the modern corporation, with one notable exception – IT management! Often called the “cobbler’s barefoot child,” IT produces large quantities of data across people, processes, and projects. The value of this extensive data, however, is often not exploited to its full potential. The Wisdom of Crowds IT Analytics Market Study, published by Dresner Advisory Services, can help you understand where your peers see the value of using IT Business Analytics.

Join Howard Dresner, Numerify CEO Gaurav Rewari, and report author Chris von Samson to learn about the following topics:

  • Key takeaways for IT leaders from the “IT Analytics Market Study” conducted by Dresner Advisory Services
  • How your peers are using Metrics across Plan, Build, and Run processes to make informed decisions
  • How Business Intelligence can enable you to adopt advanced analytics like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • How Fortune 500 customers use Numerify’s AI powered IT business analytics to drive better outcomes today
Dresner IT needs Business Intelligence
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