IT Change Risk Prediction Solution Demo

Reduce IT change-related operational disruptions

IT Change Risk Prediction Solution

The cost of failed changes can be high … degraded IT services can result in reduced revenue, productivity, customer satisfaction, and product quality. You may know that some deployed changes will fail, what you often don’t know is which changes will fail …. until it’s too late.

The Numerify Change Risk Prediction solution provides organizations with the intelligence needed to identify and reduce IT change risk.

In this short demo and solution overview you will learn:

  • Establish IT change team metrics
  • Score IT change creditworthiness
  • Analyze upstream and downstream IT change impact
  • Predict IT change risk
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  • Fortune 20 Healthcare Leader
    Decrease in Change Related Problems
  • Fortune 50 CPG Leader
    Annual Savings From Reduced Change Failures
  • Improve IT productivity
    Increase efficiency
    • Reduce rework and recovery costs
    • Focus resources on truly risky changes
    • Reduce MTTR of IT change-related incidents
  • Accelerate IT delivery
    Accelerate agility
    • Reduce change lead times
    • Make changes more frequently
    • Be more responsive to business needs
    • Increase CAB efficiency
  • Reduce IT risk
    Reduce risk
    • Identify and fix systemic causes of change failure
    • Predict change management failure and mitigate risk
    • Make data-driven decisions on resource allocation