The Hidden Reason Your Agile Transformation Isn’t Succeeding

Webinar On-demand

Your product teams are undergoing agile transformation – how about the shared services that enable them?

You may have taken the first step to shift from a project to product mindset – forming product teams and coaching them on how to be agile. However, to actually deliver these products cost-effectively, they often still dependent upon shared services. These shared services teams are often not setup to support agile or be agile themselves. The end result is that your product teams can’t realize the expected benefits of agile transformation.

How can you use analytics to enable your shared services teams to help agile product teams attain their full potential? In this webinar, Numerify Solution Architect Ben Sapp will speak about the experiences of companies like yours. Topics will include:

  • Why product-focused agile teams need to be served by agile shared services.
  • Using analytics to identify the top dependencies between agile product teams and shared services.
  • Calculating a “Friction Index” to measure and identify which service requests are impeding team productivity.
  • Accelerating speed to value by reducing service delivery friction.
IT service delivery friction webinar
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