Deliver faster, better, and smarter IT services with Augmented Intelligence

Do you have the insights needed to deliver next-generation IT services?

Many IT leaders are focused on automating routine tasks in order to improve IT service reliability and quality while reducing costs. However, with increasing levels of automation come increasing levels of complexity and issues that can escalate very quickly if left unchecked. Monitoring the health of your IT services using simple KPIs is simply not enough anymore … you need deeper insights that help quickly decide what action to take.

How can you reduce your IT service costs while accelerating service delivery and improving customer satisfaction?

Amit Shah of Numerify will provide an overview and demo of the Service Management Process Optimization solution. Topics that will be covered include: 

  • How to proactively find and fix issues with vendor and team performance
  • Using Machine Learning models to predict and prevent Major Incidents
  • Reducing service costs with Natural Language Processing driven topic clustering
  • Mining process data to accelerate service delivery and reduce MTTR
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