Numerify Partners with Tableau to Deliver Full-Spectrum Business Analytics to IT Organizations

Customers Can Now Use Tableau BI Infrastructure to Access Numerify

SAN JOSE, Calif., May 8, 2017 — Numerify, a cloud analytics solutions company focused on business analytics for IT leaders, today announced a technology integration with business intelligence provider Tableau. With the integration, Numerify customers can apply Tableau’s advanced visualization tools to their IT service, asset, project, and finance data as well as data from other related business systems.

Numerify’s enterprise-grade, pre-built analytical solution eliminates the time needed to ingest, cleanse, and model data prior to analysis building. Customers are able to leverage the company’s expertise and infrastructure to extract the greatest value from their data, and omit the time or financial resources investment required for internal data preparation. Users can employ Tableau’s extensive data visualization capabilities to enhance visibility into IT operations and service delivery, and tie performance to broader business outcomes such as revenue impact and customer delight.

“The partnership between Tableau and Numerify provides our mutual customers with the value of more sophisticated data analyses, while eliminating the overhead of manual data extractions and time-consuming prep work,” said Sunil Sanghani, Head of Global ISV’s and Technology Alliances at Tableau. “With this integration, IT analysts and operational managers alike can leverage Tableau to uncover insights within their IT data.”

A Fortune 100 Numerify customer in the biopharmaceutical industry utilizes the Tableau integration to analyze disparate IT data sources in a single dashboard. This accelerates the time to actionable insights, as their users can connect Tableau directly to Numerify to visualize curated metrics of significance as well as combine IT metrics with other core analyses in Tableau. With the integration, the customer’s Tableau infrastructure can also efficiently consume massive amounts of data from multiple sources, providing IT leaders with the ability to run their organization with numbers they can trust.

“With many Numerify customers heavily invested in Tableau, it was a natural progression to offer users robust visualization capabilities in conjunction with the agility of our data lake and our targeted analytic applications,” said Srikant Gokulnatha, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Numerify. “Numerify is thrilled to leverage the complementary strengths of Tableau to help innovative organizations extract meaningful insights that drive their IT decisions.”


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