Numerify & AppDynamics

Change success is hard – there are demands for accelerating velocity. However, the data that can predict whether or not a change is risky resides in different process and system silos, both upstream in the development process and downstream in the impact of the change. E.g., Have similar changes caused performance degradation (measured by APM systems) or user-reported incidents (in ITSM systems)? What was the root cause of these change failures? 

Together, AppDynamics and Numerify can help teams correlate APM alerts and metrics with ITSM change, incident, and problem data as well as DevOps toolchain data. Organizations can use this to directly measure the impact of development process metrics, like code quality and test results, on application performance and user-reported incidents. Doing so will allow teams to identify issues in any part of the value chain and ensure that AI Learning models in identifying failed changes and predicting the risk of future major incidents. 

AppDynamics API Integration

Numerify leverages the AppDynamics REST APIs to automate data pulls. Using ADQL, Numerify’s API Adapter performs full or incremental extracts at scheduled intervals.  It extracts metrics for AppDynamics’ End-User Monitoring and APM Transaction Analytics modules currently providing aggregated business transactions, application response times, active user sessions, and other business performance metrics. Numerify’s AppDynamics integration extracts application raw transaction metrics and end-user metrics aggregated at the source for 10-minute intervals by browser, device, and location, as available and needed for our solutions. Numerify’s IT Business Analytics platform then transforms and loads this to Numerify’s data warehouse to be used by our BI and AI/ML frameworks supporting our various solutions.  

To the right is an example of a Numerify Change Risk Prediction solution dashboard and the supporting data provided by AppDynamics.

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    We combine our next generation, AI-powered platform with pre-built domain-specific best practice analytic models to deliver comprehensive IT analytics solutions.
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    Our platform is built from the ground up using our patented cloud automation and code generation methods to enable the agile, data-ops-oriented approach that underlies our solutions.